Karen F.

I would love to purchase this deal but the site is not working!!!!!!

the site is frustrating today. usually works great but everyone in the Tampa Bay Area must be trying to get today’s awesome deal…I hope it starts working soon.

Cannot log in to purchase this with my account Argh!!

Michelle E.

Yes, it’s not letting me purchase this deal on my account. Sucks because I told a lot of people about it.

Alexander C.

The site won’t let me use my $25 in credits for the Nordstrom Groupon. I tried and it would work for the $25 American Apparel Groupon, though.

I really want to use my credit for the Nordstrom Groupon!!! Please help!

It’s telling me the quanity is more than omne but it’s not. HELP!!!!

Catharine H.

hi everyone – my name is Catharine and I work in Marketing for Nordstrom Rack. I’d love to answer some questions that have come up regarding Black Friday and eligible products. Customers can redeem their Nordstrom Rack Groupon for any and all in-store merchandise any day between now and 12/31 (including the Day After Thanksgiving). With the exception of cash and gift cards, customers can redeem their Rack Groupon for any merchandise in a Rack store (including discounted merchandise). So shop away! If you have any further questions, please follow us on Twitter at @nordstrom_rack or fan us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nordstromrack and we are more than happy to clarify further. Thank you so much for your interest in our offer and we apologize for the confusion on this point.

Natalie L.

I purchased one for myself and it went thru fine, but I am now trying to buy one for my sister as a gift and it will not let me. It is saying that I am purchasing more than one on the gift card. Help please.

Weslie C.

@Natalie- there is a limit of 1 per person. It won’t let you purchase another one under your account or with the same form of payment that you used to purchase the first one.

Has anybody actually gotten their Groupon? I was able to get through last night, but it doesn’t show up in my purchased deals and I haven’t gotten the emailed coupon yet. I have gotten charged for it, though. I know the site said it would take a while for the groupon to be emailed but I figured it would at least show up on the website as having been purchased.


I’m getting all the same messages as well…thought my purchase went through, but no confirmation as of yet! I agree, a little frustrating but, hopefully, we’ll all get our coupons!

jasmine r.

knock knock!! is anyone from Groupon answering these questions? I have read 2 separate set of discussions on the difficulty of everyone trying to figure out if their purchase went through. I was lucky enough to buy mine early so had no issues, but 4 of my friends all got a notice with an ID# that they will be emailed their groupon, but nothing shows under their “stuff” and it doesn’t show as a pending transaction on their CC. Groupon should at least be kind enough to let everyone know what is going on, as if their purchases aren’t going to go through, they would like to try again!! Come on GROUPON, answer these questions!


Why can’t I print my groupon yet? I purchased it yesterday

I am in the same boat, i have my confirmation number and all. I will wait at least until Sunday to see if it shows up. There was a note that said due to high demand, maybe Saturday or Sunday we may see it.

Amount is invalid. You must purchase exactly 1
I keep getting the above message. It will not let me purchase, every time I fill out all info it says invaled with above message. It will not let me put in the 1 for item. I have tried and tried this is very frustrating….I hope that groupon fixes this error before the sale is over…or posts here how to resolve this issue.

I’m pretty sure they won’t let you buy an additional one as a gift. I would create another account under a different name or email and buy it there. I logged into my sister’s account (an active groupon user) and bought one as a gift for my mom so we can go together.

greg e.

is it still possible to purchase this groupon?

Lara B.

Hi, my name is Lara and I support marketing for Nordstrom Rack. A few of us are logging onto the Groupon discussion boards today to help answer questions.

First, YES! It’s still possible to purchase this Groupon (great question, @greg e.) If anyone missed out on the offer last week, it’s still available for purchase and can be redeemed at any Nordstrom Rack! http://bit.ly/aQ2NcS

For those of you having trouble buying the Groupon as a gift, the limit is 1 Rack Groupon per account. You can either purchase a Rack Groupon for yourself, or one as a gift for someone else (but not both).

If you haven’t received your confirmation email yet, don’t worry quite yet. Due to high traffic on Groupon’s website, your Rack Groupon may take a little longer than normal to process. Thanks for your patience! They will email you as soon as it’s ready.

If you have questions about credit card charges being processed, we recommend contacting Groupon directly by emailing support@groupon.com or calling 1 (877) 788-7858. Hope this helps!

Alison C.

Hi. I bought one and my husband bought one. Would we be able to use both towards the purchase of one item like a suit?

Can we use this coupon on Nordstrom Rack sale items? If we can, we will buy this Groupon coupon!

Lara B.

Hi – It’s Lara from Nordstrom Rack again.

@Alison C. The Rack Groupon cannot be combined with other promotions (including multiple Groupons). We hope you find some special things to purchase! We do have an on-site tailor for your husband’s suit.

@Catherine C. It IS redeemable for discount and sale merchandise (including Black Friday bonus savings items). Happy shopping!

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