Is this groupon basically paid admissions for one person? And is there a limit on how many you can use per visit? In other words if I was going with four people, could I buy four? Last, is there anything else needed to pay for to play?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions

Chris B.

I have a similar question – I am looking to book an outing at the Badlandz with 20 people. If 4 – 8 people were to buy this deal now would we be able to use this for a group outing? Or is this pricing more of a walk on deal?
If I can use this for a group outing that would be awesome!


Yes, its admission for 1 person (including 500 rnds of Badlandz Paint, rental, and air) so if you are going with four people each person will need to buy a group deal.


If you have a group of 20 people each person will need to buy a deal. Also you will have to call in-advance of the date you are coming so we can set your rental guns aside to ensure everyone in your group will have a gun. Even though you are coming in a group you will still be considered as a walk-on player which means you will play with all other walk-on players and it will not be a private game.



I just bought three tickets for three 16 y.o. boys. This won’t cause any issues will it – since they were unable to purchase their own because they are underage.



No it is no problem. They’ll need waivers that can be downloaded from our website http://thebadlandz.com/sign_up_forms.htm#waiver

What date is this groupon available for use and where is badlandz?


The coupon as active as soon as you receive it. We are open Saturdays & Sundays every week.

Juan M.

How long do 500 paintballs usually last? What equipment is included in the groupon?


They typical player shoots 500 paintballs in a day.


You’ll get everything you need to play gun, mask/goggles, air tank and 500 Badlandz paintballs.

frenz c.

Could you use this to book a private game?


No, this deal is for walk-on players only. You can come and play with a group in our walk-on play.

Dallas M.

I purchased 10 tickets for family who are travleing to chiago @ the end of the month. Will this be a problem?


No, not at all. Just call us the week they plan on coming so we can set aside your rental equipment. Also if there is anyone younger than 10 download and notarize the waiver.

frenz c.

Could we use the coupon for ammunition for a private game though?


Well the deal is for walk-on play but if you choose not to shoot that day then the paint is yours to take home. If you come back to the Badlandz and have booked a private game with one of our private game packages you can use that paint.

Lou P.

I’m new to paintballing, is this coupon for one tournament or all day play? Also, does it include safety equipment like masks and pads or will I need to bring my own?


Its for all day walk-on play not tournaments. You will get full gear; gun, goggles/mask, air tank and 500 Badlandz paintballs.

can i buy 1 or 2 of the $25 specials or do i have to buy 5 at once to get the deal. If I am allowed to only 1 or 2 at a time, if 5 or more of us decide to go together on the same day, how far in advance do we have to reserve our equipment?

Marius M.

How many players do we have to be so we can have a private party?


You have to buy 1 per person and you can buy as many as you want. If you and 5 or more of your friends are coming you have till the Friday before you come to let us know.


Private parties are a separate from this deal. This coupon is for walk-on play only. You and your friends can play on the same team but you will be playing with all other walk-on players.

Daniel G.

so if you come with like 13 people you will not be able to get a private play?….
*ok… I was just pulling your chain there, so many people have been asking similar questions repeatedly so thought I asked it and not feel left out :-p, oh man, this seems so cool, I am calling as many budies as I can to join into this deal, I know they have been psyched about other deals that come to campus on paintball activities but I wonder if any were this good.


Lol… Great we look forward to seeing you!

I’m trying to increase my order size from 1 to 2, but it keeps giving me an error message…

PLEASE help!!!!


You might have to get in contact with groupon itself. I just work for the Badlandz. Here is their number… (877) 788-7858


If you can’t get a hold of them I suggest closing your internet browser completely and coming back to the site to try again.

i got 2 tickets is there any way i can add an extra one????

Did I miss out on this deal? I don’t see a link as an option for recent deals that includes Badlandz.

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