Oh, the Seuss-Themed Parties You’ll Throw!

BY: Amelia Buzzell |Mar 12, 2014
Oh, the Seuss-Themed Parties You’ll Throw!They may not eat them on a boat. They may not eat them with a goat. But your guests will certainly eat anything you serve them on this cheerful spring table inspired by the colorful, bold world of Dr. Seuss. A multi-hued table runner emulates the winding, rainbow-colored roads in Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, as do napkins with bold stripes. An abstract bird pitcher evokes the Dr.’s otherworldly characters, while an elephant-shaped creamer is a perfect stand-in for Horton—just make sure it doesn’t try to sit on the deviled eggs. Finally, a set of whimsical, polka-dotted bowls look even sweeter when filled with scoops of ice cream or slices of a cake topped with pompoms that sway as softly as the The Lorax’s beloved Truffula trees. oh-the-seuss-themed-parties-youll-throw_600c490 1. Anu runner; CB2 ($59.95) 2. Gallus pitcher; Anthropologie ($68) 3. Ellie creamer; Anthropologie ($16) 4. Polka-dot cereal bowl; Fishs Eddy ($12.95) 5. Toot Sweet striped large napkins; Meri Meri ($5.95 for 20) 6. Pompom cake topper; Chicago-based HerJoyfulStudio on Etsy ($11.75)