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The Gold Web’s Revolution Will Be Televised and Full of Feathers

BY: Tyler Clark | Feb 28, 2014
The Gold Web’s Revolution Will Be Televised and Full of FeathersFear not, stranger. The feather-coiffed and foliage-draped men of The Gold Web come in peace and would like to take you on a musical journey. Saying that Chicago’s The Gold Web is hard to classify is like saying that the wind off of Lake Michigan has been a little chilly this winter. Take the above photo, for instance: in it, the band’s three garishly costumed members stand leering against a backdrop that looks like a nightmare rear-ended a community theater’s prop room. Cloaked in fake foliage, face paint, and feathers, frontman Max Perenchio beckons with an outstretched hand, pulling viewers in with a magnetic stare that raises more questions than it answers. Where are we going? Will we be safe once we get there? Will we ever want to leave? Musically, things are a little clearer—and even more irresistible. Trafficking in a brand of off-kilter pop marked by burbling synths and rump-shaking beats, the band populates its SoundCloud page with songs that sound like a forced breeding experiment between an Animal Collective album and a Passion Pit cassette tape. “Stay Cool” is the clear standout: a product of the summer heat, the song’s slow-mo tempo and repeated urgings to “stay cool” make it the perfect jingle for an air-conditioning ad. It probably wouldn’t sound too shabby blasting from an open car window on Lake Shore Drive, either. With their upcoming appearance at the Double Door, The Gold Web is bound to earn some converts to their gospel of warm-weather vibin’. At the very least, they’ll knock the boring right out of a mundane Thursday. Whether they’re grinning demons from the plane of elemental psychedelia or just three local guys who know their way around a killer hook, that’s a pretty admirable goal. (Thursday, March 6, at 8:30 p.m. $5; buy tickets here) Watch the music video for “Stay Cool”: