Apple Watch Deals May 2022

BY: Christopher Mahar |May 5, 2022

Apple Watch Deals November 2021

A sale on Apple products is a truly rare and beautiful thing, which is why we like to stay on top of them here at Groupon Coupons. It isn't likely that you'll just come across an Apple Watch coupon or promo code in the wild, but when a new model debuts—like the new Series 7 and SE models that hit the market in fall 2021—older ones tend to drop in price. This page will update when new Apple Watch deals are offered by our partners, so check back often!

Apple Watch Series 7 DealsApple Watch Series 7

Introducing the newest addition to the successful Apple Watch family. The Apple Watch Series 7 is taking all the things consumers love about the previous series and making it even better. Let's compare pricing:

Apple Watch Series 6 Deals

At first, it was hard to find an Apple Watch 6 that wasn't full price—$399 to $799—but with the Series 7 out prices on the Series 6 have started to come down even more! Order the Apple Watch 6 from Apple, Amazon, and other retailers now.

Apple Watch SE Deals

Along with the Series 6, Apple also released an SE version in September 2020. Starting at $279, the SE is a stripped-down version of the Series 6 with fewer features and design options, most notably the always-on watch face and a blood oxygen sensor. But there's a lot to like about this model, even beyond the lower price. CNet has a review of both versions to help you choose which Apple Watch is right for you. 

Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

If you're looking for the absolute best deal on a new Apple Watch, we recommend the Apple Watch Series 3. It's got many of the same features of later models, but prices are about half of what you'll find for an Apple Watch Series 7. This model is still being manufactured, so new models are widely available, which isn't true of the discontinued Series 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Apple Watch Series 5 Deals

With the introduction of a new Apple Watch 7 and SE models, the Series 5 was discontinued. A new model is no longer available, so if you're set on a Apple Watch 5, you'll have to look on the refurbished market via Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

Apple Watch Series 4 Deals

Apple discontinued the Series 4 when the Series 5 was released in late 2019. Because sales to move older inventory have really dwindled most stores' stock, it is not possible to find a new Apple Watch 4 model and finding a deal on a refurbished model isn't very likely either. 

Apple Watch Series 2 Deals

The Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, released nearly five years ago, are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Brand-new models aren't really available in stores, so buyers are turning to renewed and refurbished models. It's a good way to get an Apple Watch with a much smaller price tag. A refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 or 2 still isn't cheap though—the lowest price we've ever found is $120, but we regularly see them advertised for more than $200.  

Apple Watch Series 1 Deals

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Apple Watch Trade-Ins

Apple offers special trade-in deals to encourage users to upgrade their Apple Watch. If you have an older model in good condition, you can earn up to $270 toward a new Apple Watch 7. The newest Apple Watch models have more advanced heart-monitoring features, including passive heart-rate monitoring.

Apple Watch Trade-In Values

  • Apple Watch 6     Up to $150
  • Apple Watch SE   Up to $120
  • Apple Watch 5     Up to $120
  • Apple Watch 4     Up to $85
  • Apple Watch 3     Up to $50

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