The Fastest Way to Get Your H&R Block Refund

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Groupon Coupons is all about helping you save money and spend wisely. So we had to dig into how you can get your tax refund quickly and hassle-free. If you use H&R Block to file, we’ve rounded up all your options to receive your refund. Don’t forget to hit up Groupon Coupons H&R Block page for hot deals and promo codes to help you save before you file!

Ways to Recieve Your Refund Through H&R Block

The only thing that makes filing taxes not a total drag is the dreams of what you’re going to do with your refund. So we did some digging to find out how you can receive your refund and when you can expect it to arrive. H&R Block has three options for refunds:

Emerald Card—Fastest

With the H&R Block Emerald Card, your refund is automatically transferred onto the Mastercard debit card for you to use anywhere on anything. It generally takes about three weeks after filing for your refund to get to you. With an Emerald Card, you can add direct deposit of your paychecks or government benefits to avoid check-cashing fees, or you can load cash and checks to your H&R Block Emerald Card account anytime you wish, all year long. 

Direct Deposit—Fastest

Have your refund deposited into your checking account or savings account. It generally takes about three weeks after filing your return.


If you choose to receive your refund by check, the IRS with mail it to you directly. Timing will depend on the mail delivery, but will generally take about a week longer than the first two options. 

Keep In Mind: The IRS will issue your refund within about three weeks after filing your return. If you file through H&R Block, you can easily track your refund on their website.


Refund Transfer

H&R Block Refund Transfer means you pay nothing out of pocket the day you file your taxes. Instead, the fees are taken out of your refund, and the remainder is sent to you in any of the above three ways. There is a $39 Refund Transfer fee, so this is only a good option if you are strapped for cash at the time of filing. 

Is There a Way To Get Your Refund in Advance?

YES! H&R Block offers programs to get your refund without waiting for the IRS to issue it. You can get part of your refund within minutes of filing with Refund Advance. With high approval rates, you can get your taxes done and cash in your pocket as soon as today. This program ends on Feb. 28. The Refund Advance is designed for people who need cash now, not in three weeks. This program offers: 

  • No credit score impact
  • 0% interest & no loan fees
  • High approval rates
  • File your taxes and get your refund all from one place

How it works: 

  1. Apply with a tax professional virtually or in-person
  2. If approved, access your funds the day you file via an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard
  3. Pay your loan back once the IRS issues your refund

Keep In Mind: H&R Block’s Refund Advance is a loan, it is NOT YOUR REFUND. When your refund is processed, you will have to pay back the loan, either through Refund Transfer or your refund account.


H&R Block Emerald Advance

Unfortunately, the Emerald Advance is no longer available for the 2020 filing season. You can, however, pre-apply for an appointment for next season starting in November 2021.



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