Travelocity Vacation Packages: Save Time & Money

By: Abby Ruffier

Travelocity Vacation Packages: Save Time & MoneyLooking to save on your next trip? Rather than book your flight, hotel, and car rental separately, save time and money by booking a Travelocity vacation package. They include destinations all over the world and fit every budget. The Groupon Coupons team put together this guide to help you get the most out of your Travelocity packages. We also answer some frequently asked questions and share plenty of savings tips, starting with our very own collection of Travelocity coupons.

What Are Travelocity Vacation Packages?

Travelocity vacation packages are bundled bookings that could include any combination of your flight, hotel, and/or car rental. Use the search bar to pick your destination and travel dates, and Travelocity will show you all the deals that fit your request—usually at a discount of up to 20% off. The price you see includes all taxes and fees, so there are no unwelcome surprises at checkout. A word to the wise, though: pick a trip with ‘free cancellation’ so you’ll have more flexibility should your plans change. 

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Travelocity Vacation Packages Under $400

If you’re traveling on a budget or in need of some inspiration, check out Travelocity’s vacation packages under $400. Prices include your round-trip flight and hotel in many popular destinations, including San Diego, Seattle, and Hilton Head Island. If your timeline and location are flexible, this is an ideal way of booking a fun last-minute trip without breaking the bank.

Travelocity All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

Looking to add an all-inclusive resort to your vacation package? Just select ‘all inclusive’ in your search parameters to see packages that include not only your flight and lodgings, but also resort amenities such as meals, drinks, and things to do—all for one fixed price. And depending on your deal, you could be saving 100% on your flight.


How Do You Cancel a Travelocity Vacation Package?
Depending on your trip, you may be able to cancel your entire vacation package or might need to cancel each part individually. To cancel your trip:

  1. Go to My Trips.
  2. Find the flight, hotel, car rental, or activity you want to cancel.
  3. Click ‘Cancel’ and follow the prompts to cancel your reservation.

How Do You Change a Travelocity Vacation Package?
Check the rules and restrictions section of your itinerary for any change fees, which could include an airline change fee for each ticket, a hotel change fee, and the difference in flight or hotel costs if you book a more expensive option. Then get in contact with Travelocity to make any changes (you currently can’t make any changes online). 

How Do You Cancel Duplicate Bookings?
You can usually cancel a double booking online with no penalty fees. Reach out to Travelocity if that’s not the case.

More Ways to Save on Travelocity Vacations

  • Check out Travelocity Last Minute Deals for cheap prices on spontaneous trips.
  • Download the Travelocity App for mobile-only deals.
  • Get a Travelocity Premium Membership and receive members-exclusive discounts.
  • Check out our Travelocity Savings Guide for more ways to save.