How to Combine Kohl’s Coupons

Mar 1, 2023

How to Combine Kohl’s Coupons

Kohl’s is well known for quality and offering customers a wealth of ways to save. Coupons and promo codes are what make the sales so great, and the ability to combine them adds up to some serious discounts. Stacking coupons, knowing when the best deals are, and how to combine them all can make you the ultimate Kohl’s shopper.

Stacking Kohl’s Coupons

How To Stack Kohl's Coupons - Tap Shopping Cart

STEP 1: Tap the shopping cart in the top right corner to begin checkout. 

How To Stack Kohl's Coupons - Tap Apply

STEP 2: Tap " Apply" next to Kohl's Cash and discounts anytime during checkout. 

How To Stack Kohl's Coupons - Enter Promo Codes

STEP 3: Enter up to ten promo codes and apply each to your order. 

Kohl’s lets shoppers combine up to 10 coupon codes per order. These codes can include promo codes, Kohl’s Cash, sitewide percent-off promo codes, and free shipping codes. Stacking coupons can vary depending on your method of shopping. Shopping online allows for a maximum of four coupon codes. Shopping through the Kohl’s app allows two promo codes. Promo codes can be stacked with up to six other coupons for maximum savings.

Can You Stack Coupons Online?

On the Kohl' website, you can stack up to 10 Kohl’s coupons on one order. This differs from Kohl’s app purchases, which only allow up to eight coupons per order. These coupons can consist of up to four coupon codes and six other types of coupons. They can include Kohl’s Cash RewardsMilitary and Senior Citizen discounts, Mystery Offers, and rebates. Saving is easy with the Kohl’s online shopping experience. Follow the steps below for your next transaction.

  1. Visit Kohl’s website
  2. Add desired items to cart
  3. Select checkout
  4. Enter promo codes and coupons into the appropriate box
  5. See savings total in the Order Summary section
  6. Checkout and enjoy savings

Can You Stack Coupons In Store?

Kohl’s shoppers can redeem multiple coupons while shopping in-store. The process of saving is quick and easy while at checkout. Cashiers can scan coupons directly from your Kohl’s app wallet. You can also turn in hard copies of coupons for additional savings. One benefit of shopping in store is that if you’ve forgotten a coupon, you can ask your cashier if they have a spare, as they often keep a stash of coupons at their stations. Coupons are applied in the following order:

  1. Department-specific dollar-off or percent-off promo codes will be applied to qualifying items.
  2. Dollar-off coupons (Kohl's Cash and Rewards Cash) will be subtracted from your subtotal.
  3. Sitewide percent-off discount will be applied.

*Important: Gift cards and Kohl's Merchandise Credits are not considered "discounts" and are applied to the final order total. Shoppers can redeem a maximum of four gift cards or Kohl's Merchandise Credits per order.

Can You Combine Kohl’s Cash and Coupons?

Can You Combine Kohl’s Cash and Coupons?

Yes you can, simply follow our steps below. Kohl’s Cash, works just like cash. It is earned store credit that can be redeemed for any purchase within the given time period.

It can be spent in-store, online, or using the Kohl’s app and can be used on any item in the store during the specified period. When checking out, coupon codes will be applied to each item, followed by the amount of Kohl’s cash being deducted from the total owed. Be sure to shop during Kohl’s Cash promotions, to get free money to spend on your next purchase. You can also add the Kohl’s cash to your wallet in your Kohl’s app to ensure you don’t miss your savings window.

To combine Kohl’s Cash and coupons:

  • Use Kohl’s website, app, or shop in-store
  • Apply all promo codes and coupons before using cash
  • Apply Kohl’s Cash as the last step of checkout before paying

Department-Specific Coupons

Department-specific coupons are often available for additional savings. These can include percentages-off home goods, kitchenware, footwear, and more. These savings are specific to those departments’ products and can provide additional savings on top of storewide or site-wide sales. You can apply these coupons at checkout as part of the maximum allotted discounts.

Site-Wide Coupons at Kohl’s

Site-wide coupons are available on Kohl’ and include discounts on your total purchase. These savings are the most common form of coupons and can consist of discounts of up to 60% off. You can combine site-wide coupons with product-specific savings and Kohl’s cash for additional savings. Please note there are often exclusions to these discounts, including specific brands and products indicated on the coupon.

How Does Stacking Coupons Affect Free Shipping?

Shipping totals are determined before any savings are applied. If your products equal $75 or more, free shipping will be applied. Coupons and promo codes will then be applied for savings.

More Ways to Save at Kohl’s

In addition to promo codes, coupons, and Kohl’s cash, customers can save by opening a Kohl’s charge card, which offers an initial savings of up to 35% off and exclusive savings throughout the year. You can also save by looking out for a Mystery Offer, price adjustment opportunities, and rebates. With so many ways to save, you’ll love shopping and saving at Kohl’s.