I didn’t see where I print my coupon for todays deal.

Kim B.

Hi Sharon, your coupon will be delivered into your email. You can print it from there at anytime. Thank you for joining!

this deal is for six months , as you can see the membership expires on march 2011, six months from now , if you were to buy a years membership at full price it would be good for the entire year from the date you bought it, sorry this is not a good deal,,,:-(

Kim B.

Hi Susan, You have until 3/20/2011 to “redeem” your membership. Your membership is good for one year from the date you redeem it. Example: you redeem your membership on 11/15/2010 the membership espires 11/15/2011. Hope this helps.

I agree with Susan K. And, I feel the offer is misleading. A March 20, 2011 expiration date is given, and then in the next box it states, “Yearlong membership.”

OK! Maybe I am reading the fine print incorrectly! “Must activate membership by 3/20, one year begins after activation.” Perhaps this mean one has to use the coupon before March 20 in order to obtain the yearlong membership-and, the coupon can be used as early as tomorrow. So, perhaps, is a good deal-and such a lovely place!

yes, susan S, thanks for pointing it out,, I almost missed a great deal,, must have been before my coffee this morning!

Kim B.

Hi Susan S., You are correct – the groupon must be avtivated by 3/20/2011 and your membership is good for one year from the date you activate your membership. And thank you for your comment referring to us as a “lovely place”!

Thanks, Johnny T. I’m a newcomer to Groupon and have not purchased any membership yet! Appreciate you clarifying!

Tanya J.

This is a GREAT deal! Yeah for BTA! Super excited to active my membership.

Janet M.

Thanks for this great deal! We are always looking for places to take our winter guests. This one will pay for itself on our first trip!

Robin K.

Exactly how is “family” defined? My partner and I have been together for three years and have co-habitated for two years, but we are not married. Would the two of us be allowed to be part of the family membership?

Paula T.

I want to buy as a gift but I am not sure who I want to give it to – do I need to put a name on the gift certificate and if I do can I change it in the future?

Kim B.

Hi Robin, A family can be any two adults and they do not have to live in the same house or be related. Hope this helps. Thank you!

Robin , yes , my partner has a different last name and they allowed us dual membership previously

Kim B.

Hi Paula, The Gift Groupon will have your name on it but you can gift it to anybody you like. When they redeem it we will look up the Groupon Certificate number to verify it hasn’t been redeemed yet.

Robin K.


Kim B.

Hi Susan K., thank you for your help! And thank you for being a member!

I read that “immediate family” includes children. What about a son-in-law? Thanks.

Paula T.

Thanks Kim!

Kim B.

Hi Chris, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Children must be under 18 to qualify as a child. If your son-in-law is under 18 he’ll qualify.

I purchased this but never recieved anything in my email. How long does it take to get it?

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