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International Medical Corps has been a leading responder to emergencies in more than 50 countries, including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, the 2010 Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods.

Dear Groupon, THIS is why I love you. No matter how big you get, I love that you don’t forget your roots as The Point and that you have the ability to reach large groups of people to do good for the world. I hope this “deal” is a huge seller!

Thank you Groupon for making it easy to help.

Thank you.

Kelley W.

Thank You Groupon for making it easy to help in this time of need! You ROCK!

Leosdany I.

Thanks groupon, you are in the top of everything happening… Good way to help…

En Chile hace un poco mas de un año, pasamos por lo mismo, mucha fuerza a todos los afectados por esta terrible tragedia, gracias Groupon por tomar esta hermosa iniciativa.


mary a.

appreciate your compassion during this huge tragedy

thank you groupon! :) after watching this horrific event on the news last night i couldn’t pass this one up! i love you even more now!

Yuzuki M.

Though I like the idea of setting up a donation site, Japanese groupon site has a better deal.

The groupon matches the gift for 100%.
For one 200 yen groupon, 400 yen would be donated to red cross. It seems you can buy up to 50 groupon (10K Yen). For those of you who can access to Japanese fund, this might be a better option. I asked to my family in Japan to donate on my behalf.

Great way to help out! Thank you!!

After we have purchased the deal, do we have to do anything with the coupon sent to our e-mail like for the other deals, or does the donation apply right away to Medical Corp?

Why doesn’t Groupon match our donation on this one? or if it does, why isn’t it stated?

machie o.

I appreciate about this donate program…
I was looking for way to danate to my country…
There are many victims in northern in Japan…
We need help.

Go Groupon!!!!!! International Medical Corps do your thing!

Now I’m confused. I attempted to donate in good faith to help the earthquake victims in Japan and all I get is some damn coupon. that’s not going to help anyone. I wish to god I would have donated to the Red Cross or some other legitimate organization.

Hardik P.

Does this groupon qualify for friend referral? This would be a good way to convince friends to enroll in groupon to start with a good cause and also they can use their free groupon bucks for this cause.

Hardik P.

Also, is Groupon matching our donations to IMC for this one?

Michael B.

How do I donate using my groupon gift credit if I forgot the code? Customer service won’t be back until Monday. What is the gift code? Thanks.


how about credit card fees?

How can I donate? Many prayers are being said. Let me know where I can send a donation….Thank you.

Jacob R.

Good question Caroline. I wonder the same thing, although I highly doubt we will get a response. I just hope that all of our donations are being properly distributed for the right cause.
I’m not a fan of groupon, but I enjoy helping those in need and getting good deals once in awhile.

Andrea S.

@Avin and John – The “coupon” is simply your Groupon that shows that you made the donation (they use the same system for donations as they do for regular Groupons, so some of the verbiage on the Groupon is a little confusing). You do not have to do anything else; Groupon will make the donation directly to the organization.

If you would like to receive a note/letter from IMC for your tax records, then click on the link provided on the Groupon and provide your contact info to IMC. Other than that, there is nothing more you need to do…

@Mary – To make a donation, just click on the “Buy” button on the “deal” page describing the relief effort. You will be given the option to donate $5, $10, or $25. Click on the amount of your preferred donation and complete your purchase. Groupon will then donate your contribution directly to IMC. ;-)

I just followed the instructions on the groupon. (click print to see the pdf file…no need to print it out) You enter your groupon code on the IMC link it provides.

Instructions seem pretty easy to read.

Thank you so much Groupon.

Groupon Germany also matches donations to the Japanese Red Cross. They accept Paypal, Credit Cards and Money Transfers. Might be easier for most people to use and for Google Translate to translate.

Katherine F.

Groupon Philippines also matches donations. If you donate P100 they will match with an additional P100; you can buy multiple donations. Credit, debit, and Paypal accepted.

Jon E.

Okay, Groupon Philippines, Groupon Germany, and Groupon Japan all match whatever we donate. Why isn’t our Groupon doing this? It’s not said anywhere on the page.

I’d rather get more help to them by donating to one of the others… :-\

I would also like to know the answer to the question others are asking. Will this Groupon be matching donations? I tried reading the FAQ, but couldn’t find an answer.

Ralph S.

Every penny is badly needed.

Sue P.

Groupon USA does NOT match donations, nor does Groupon Italy. I wonder why.

Solutions: You can buy the Groupon elsewhere. Groupon Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Philippines, Switzerland, Netherlands, among others, match 100% of donations. All you need is Google Translate and PayPal. (They don’t take foreign credit cards.)

Hichimi h.

People in Japan including myself is so thankful for what groupon is doing and people supporting this donation. It means a lot to us during this difficult time. Thank you so much!!!!

junko m.

Thank you Yuzuki san,
I completed to donate to Japan Gropon!
Hope everybody in Japan get enough sleep soon!
Also I am so glad tens of people are trying to help!

thank you for helping us help poor people of Japan in their time of struggle!

mayuko h.

same here, i appriciate the fact that Groupon made it easier for me for donating process, i strongly wish Groupon US and Italy will change their mind and match donations!!!

John L.

shouldn’t there be more options for larger donations?

Viola C.

use the link below for donating with Groupon Philippines, they match and it is already in English.


John L…. buy multiple Groupons until you reach the amount you want? I don’t see that there’s a limit to how many you can buy.

Linh P.

Groupon should extend this deal…


Thank you, Groupon!

Amy C.

THANK YOU to the Grouponers who pointed out that our Japan Earthquake relief donations to Groupon in other countries are matched.

I also am wondering why Groupon US isn’t matching our contributions? Would you please reconsider? Thanks for setting up this page.

Thank you,Groupon. Fortunately my family in Tokyo is fine. But afterquakes still continue there. Hope they can recover soon.

Angela T.

Hi, do I need to do something with the groupon in order to activate it? Or has the money already been put to use?



RE Matching Funds – Each Groupon country operates independently and some countries are matching contributions. While many of our G-Team campaigns do provide a matching offer, we were not able to secure a matching partner for this campaign.

Patty ~ How about asking some of the large corporations such as The Gap, Target etc who have had past incredibly popular groupons?

Groupon: Can you ‘PLEASE’ make this offer available to Canadian cities also? Fortunately I was looking at the Detroit deals and noticed the link at the top of the page to donate (but it’s not available in Windsor, London, Toronto….all cities in Canada). If the link was available to Canadian cities, I know many of my Canadians friends would love to donate to this important cause. Thanks!


Why is this no longer on the groupon web site banner?
Japan really needs all the help it can get!

Easy to donate. Please post the total amount donated by the Groupon customers. Are you matching funds? Is 100% of the donations going to this great disaster? Please don’t disappoint.

Before you donate, please check out other sites that match donations. I thought they were matching , but I was mistaken. There are better sites to donate Groupon needs to clarity of how much and when the donations will be distributed. Thank you

Katharine B.

As Patty H commented, you can go directly to the IMC web page and donate in greater amounts than the Groupon offers. Also, copied from their website: "

“On average, every dollar in private contributions generates more
than $30 in additional grants from institutional donors and donated mediines and supplies – multiplying the impact of your dollar.” So donating this way, your gift is increased many fold!

Sue P.

“Next week we’re featuring a huge matching campaign to benefit another non-profit organization.”

Patty, Groupon USA and sponsors – way to go!


How about answering m question above. Seems as though it was skipped right over.

Masi Y.

Everyone, donating through Groupon Philippines will no longer have your donation matched because it hit the max that Groupon is matching. I am currently looking through the other countries to see if any other matching deals are still up!

Vladimir T.

I’m joining the other comments and express deep condolences to affected families. The only thing I don’t understand though is groupon in Russia (and looks like all over the world) matching it 100% and this one is not? Common guys, this is the tragedy of all the nations. Please match it.

Thank for supporting a worthwhile cause instead of the Red Cross with their marketing machine and hundreds of Scandals.

Is a trustworthy group


Please donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

Red Cross so they can pay their directors 6 figure salaries?

International Medical Corps is a great cause and more of your money will be spent helping people and not making fancy commercials and billboards


@Patty I would like to request that you guys put the easy link
at top of all groupon pages again for a few days? I have clicked through to find sponsorship spot and cant find it
Was looking on San Francisco page

@Ken – This deal is now featured in our sponsorship spot – on the right hand side of the page. We also extended the campaign through Friday so more people can donate.


I agree that the American Red Cross is a joke, but I think everyone should look into the efforts of the Japanese Red Cross. They will have the most direct impact for tsunami relief efforts, as they are bearing the brunt of the disaster response.


Hi, I’m Jaya, the Senior Communications Officer @ International Medical Corps. Thank you all for your tremendous support of our work in Japan! Just to give you an update, our emergency response team is on the ground & coordinating with local health authorities to support their relief efforts. We’re also working to deliver critical supplies to the hardest-hit areas. I will continue to keep you guys updated! Or you can visit http://www.internationalmedicalcorps.org/Page.aspx?pid=1970
for our latest Japan news. Thanks again!


Thanks for posting the Canada donation page!

David A.

Thank you

E C.

Want to help but have a few Questions:

1. Is it correct to assume these “coupons” are considered or treated as donations per IRS rules?

2. Which credit card company will not charge transaction fees for “buying the coupons”, especially if and when these are considered as “donations”?

3. How much of the donations are actually going to and for the cause? In other words, for every dollar, how much of it is for any type of overhead or administrative expenses? American Red Crosss claims that 91 cents of every dollar is going to and for the cause.

4. If any credit card company, i.e AmEx, Visa, MC, and Discover, is charging or subtracting transaction fees from the dollars donated, I would rather write a check and send it to the non-profits directly. In this case, please provide address where we can send donations, as well as instructions of how we can be sure the donations are strictly for the Japanese disaster.

Thank you, and I also hope Groupon will extend its expiration dates. In addition, I hope all credit card companies would waive all transaction fees for all charity donations, and that more charities are added to both Groupons, and any sites such as Yahoo, Google, ABC news, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN etc.


Hi EC – 93 cents of every dollar goes directly towards our emergency response in Japan. The rest is for operational/administrative costs. Thanks for inquiring!

E C.

Thanks to both Patty H. and IMC I. responses. Another Qs for Groupon.

You mentioned a campaign for another organization will be launched. I wonder if it’s for the same cause but for a different non-profit such as World Vision, Doctors without Borders, etc, or for a different cause entirely?

Is there anyway that we can access and see replies and other comments directly without going to our account or looking at other deals? It’s not really time efficient that we have to account or our email address then click on the link again. Also, it seems like the donation deal does not appear at all times when we look through deals.

Also, it’ll be helpful to have a place where Groupon’s and IMC responses or replies are in one place so that we don’t have to scroll down and read all comments, and eliminate the needs for folks to ash questions that may have already been addressed. .

For those who donate to Japanese Groupon sites or Japanese Red Cross directly, does Groupon absorb the foreign currency exchange fees that credit card companies often imposed on the card holders? .


Risa S.

Thank you Groupon for initiating this relief effort immediately following the event.

Patty – I am with " Ken from SF" in regards to the banner. I do not see the direct link at the top of the page (for NYC), nor as a featured deal on the sidebar. The only way I located this was through Albany’s site. I think it would be more effective for the last few days if the main banner link was the top of every city’s page, as it was in the first few days.

Again – thank you Groupon USA & IMC!

Rhonda C.

What percentage of these sales will actually go to earthquake relief in Japan?
How to much to “other” affected areas and how much to "G"’s pocket?

Benjamin H.

Living Social is matching donations, up to $5 match. Every bit helps right?

Ruth H.

Why are you matching the donations like the groupon in London?
I’m giving anyway – but matching would be nice…

Piper K.

Yeah, check out Living Social, $5 buys $10 donation to the Red Cross to help Japan!

Marlene O.

Brazilian Groupon also matched the donation 100%, but the deal has been closed yesterday. I do hope the deal is repeated, though – I’d love to see more people donating. I donated what I could and told everyone I could via twitter and facebook, but not everyone could see that before the deal was closed.

Jill P.

I just donated this morning through Living Social, which matches donations. They’re certainly looking like the “real deal” over Groupon on this one, as Groupon is not matching donations.


Hi – just wanted to give you an update on our team’s findings. They are assessing coastal communities that haven’t yet been reached near Sendai, Japan. They have found widespread shortages of food, water and medicines as well as a need for mental health care bc of the huge emotional toll of the disaster. We have 4 medical teams on standby and are ready to airlift in additional supplies as needed. Thank you all for your support! You can find the latest news on our Japan response here: http://www.internationalmedicalcorps.org/Page.aspx?pid=1970

kelly q.

I have Groupon bucks in my account and want to use $25.00 of it to donate to the relief fund. How do I designate Groupon to deduct the amount from my account.


How do you redeem this groupon? I thought Groupon would automatically put the funds in the IMC account, but then when I went to print a different groupon I saw this one in there. I cannot find a place on the IMC website to “donate” the groupon. Anyone else know?

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