Tricell B.

We’ve got a little “buzz” going on in the office about Groupon. The TV news coverage with helpful.
I was really enticed by the $35 price on the Message. I’m really impressed with the vendors personal website. Can’t wait for my service……I got a friend to commit, too.

Holy Cow! Yes, please!

By the way, I have found nothing but 5 star reviews about this place!

Yeah, this place really is top-notch. Brian, the owner, has vast, extensive experience and is highly-respected in the industry. Tell your friends to get the deal!

Tim R.

Just bought my first groupon. I purchased it today at 11AM and would like to use it tomorrow at 9AM will it be available by then?

Tim- we’ve already sold a bunch so call Milwaukee’s Best Massage and schedule right away if you want to do it at 9am tomorrow!! It’s by appointment only! Enjoy!

Suzanne P.

I tried to give this massage as a gift, but no matter what I did, the coupon still has my name on it as the recipient. Will my fiance have trouble using this gift? He certainly doesn’t look like a Suzanne.

Hi. This is Brian, Owner of Milwaukee’s Best Massage. Feel free to use the online booking tool on our website. Just be sure to mention Groupon in the comments section and any requests you might have. I will call you to confirm your appointment so please leave the BEST number to reach you at.

Also, YES, we do pre-natal massage.

And, YES, you can use the Groupon towards a couples massage.

And, YES, we can do up to three separate massages (different rooms) at the same time.

Thanks! Brian Norris, Milwaukee’s Best Massage. http://www.MilwaukeesBestMassage.com

Suzanne, even though the second one bought has your name on it- you’ll notice that it has a different unique ID number in the upper right hand corner- that would be your finance’s! Enjoy!

Thanks for the info, Brian! You’ve sold my husband and I! :)

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!! 685 Sold… Wow. We looking forward to massage each of you, again & again & again. Don’t forget that you can book your appointment on our website & include special requests (couples, same room, friends at same time, etc.)

I will never go to this place again. The conversation was inappropriate and the professionalism was lacking. When you are giving a massage talking about sex or telling someone they have a nice toosh is completely inappropriate. The person who massaged me actually bit my fingernail to see if it was real. I stayed calm while I was there because obviously I was in an uncomfortable place to complain. Find somewhere more professional. My friend and I left feeling violated.

And…if they can do 3 separate rooms when I expressed I was uncomfortable why wasn’t that offered. I set the appointment with a female friend and they put us in the same room even after I said “oh we have to use the same room?” I was also asked by one of the workers if I went to weird places. I later learned she was asking if I went to gay establishments. I am all for who ever liking who they like, it is just inappropriate in a business setting to ask anyone that question.

A sincere apology, Monica. The majority of friends who have scheduled a massage at the same time have opted or expressed a request to be in the same room for their massage so they can chat with one another. Somehow, I may have thought this was what you wanted. As for the comments or fingernail thing, truly sorry. Very odd and not reflective of the typical experience. Please contact me directly and we’ll schedule a complimentary 1 hour massage so that we can make it right. I hope I can earn back your business & trust.

Oh my gosh. I just joined Groupon.com……can we please do this again real soon with a deep tissue massage???? haha

We are about 320 of the way through of those who purchased this deal through Groupon. Make your appointment ASAP to beat the August 15th expiration. Remember, we are open 7 days a week between 9am & 9pm. You can book your session directly on our website…. http://www.milwaukeesbestmassage.com/groupon.html

Kathryn M.

I second Monica’s experience. I used this Groupon back in March and received a massage from Brian. There were multiple sexual comments and Brian’s hands went to places they shouldn’t have. I have posted reviews on Google about my uncomfortable experience. I have two friends that bought Groupons for here but won’t use them now. I definitely felt violated and would NEVER recommend going here. This is the 5th woman I’ve found to give this place the same kind of negative review.

Christine C.

I won’t be able to use it by Aug 15th since we are going out of town. Can I give it to my mom to use??

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