Kyle S.

Hellooo Denver!

Specialty Organics is back in the Mile High and we are excited to be featured on Groupon =)

Join us as we engage sustainable Colorado and do our part to evolve the Organic Movement…

Thank you for considering Specialty Organics, we value you and would love to earn your business.

Who is Specialty Organics?

Specialty Organics, LLC. Company Profile…

A 30 something serial entrepreneur, after a dozen partially successful start-ups stumbled onto a niche of organic bliss. Lucky number 13… Possibly, but who needs luck, when you’re in love… A year later, Specialty Organics is growing and the now aging, scruffily, jaded 30 something who attributes the company’s concept to his visioning, charismatic leadership approach, and infectious passion.

The organization’s organic successes are definitely attributed to the steady and widespread market-to-market social evolution, and “can-do” attitude of his fun loving highly engaged co-pilot, 23 year old Specialty Organics Director of Marketing Kyle Pommer.

“I believe Kyle would now agree, from a far… The pretty picture of entrepreneurship, fades like a sun setting over the mountains, when you dive in, waist deep, only to find you work 100x times harder for less money and pray to god that your dedication pays off, before you lose your mind, your hair and everything that is dear to you…as you chase the ENTREPRENEURIAL DREAM.
… It’s not always easy work, to take a start-up, and transform it into a seven figure success, but without the support of my muse, family, friends, shih tzu (GiGi Von Furstenberg) and Kyle’s undying passion and highly developed navigational skills Specialty Organics would not have come so far on this journey, in such a short period of time.” Imagine the possibilities they are truly endless!

Live, Eat, and Breathe the ORGANIC way of life

Official Statement Regarding Delectable Plate:
Thank you for your interest in Specialty Organics.
The Delectable Plate is a company that is no longer in business. Specialty Organics purchased the company back in February to assist displaced customers, and prevent a complete loss. Rest assure that if you had a bad experience with the Delectable plate, that will not happen with us.

We are working with local farms that are USDA Organic Certified that are close to you so that the fruits are not only local but fresh, and hand delivered to your door step based on a schedule that is best fit for you! If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Our customer support number is 720-314-8565 and Groupon customers exclusive email is groupon@specialtyorganics.com

Here are a few of the most common questions… You might have.

FAQ Specialty Organics, LLC

What is “Growers Choice” mean?
On the day of your delivery, farm fresh fruits are plucked packaged and shipped to your door step. The farm packs these boxes based on what is available! It’s kind of like being part of a mystery fruit basket club!

Can I select my delivery Date?
The Groupon promotion includes free local delivery (which is scheduled by the farm on behalf of the customer.

If I Purchase more than one package, can I redeem them at the same time?
Yes you can, this is especially great for larger families that munch through the fruit faster than they can keep it in the house.

What do I need to do to “activate” my voucher?
Visit www.specialtyorganics.com/groupon
and ‘click’ activate my Groupon.

How is it delivered?
We wish that we could say that small leprechauns deliver them to your door step in the middle of the night, but instead we have delivery drivers that deliver them to your home driving hybrid vehicles, and use sustainable packaging!

What if I am not home during the scheduled delivery time?
Presence is not required, but much preferred, so that leprechauns don’t take your yummy box of goodness!

What if I go on vacation in the middle of service?
That’s fine, just let us know that you are going to be out of town and need to reschedule your deliveries for when you return.

Do I have to redeem it right away?
No, but make sure you redeem it before it expires. Service does not stop on the expiration date.

Where does the produce come from?
All produce comes from your local area! Whats great is that all of our farmers have been certified by the USDA to provide you with true, fresh, local, high quality organic goods!

Is there a sample list of what may come in the box?
Unfortunately we do not have a “list” per say as it really depends on what is available. Think about what may grow well in your area, that can give you a great indication of what may come in your box!

Is there a difference between the taster/deluxe box?
Nope! Only difference is the length of time and the price! This is a great deal!

Is it really organic?
Discussed earlier, all of the farms that we work with are USDA Certified. :-D

Do you deliver in my area?
We are offering FREE standard local delivery to Colorado with our Groupon feature today.

If we missed your question than please email us at groupon@specialtyorganics.com

Thank you for considering Specialty Organics =)

Dave a.

Waiting for the response before ordering.

Monica M.

This is what the website says:
taster box includes 2-3 varietals of organic fruit and 2-4 pieces of each varietal.

I think you know what kind of fruit is grown in Colorado at different times of year, if not maybe you wouldn’t want this.

Kyle S.

Good Morning Steven,

Thank you for the question, and it is my belief you can provide too many details.

Taster Boxes Contain:
3-4 fruit varietals and 2-4 pieces of each varietal

Thank you for considering Specialty Organics.

Choose to make it a Great day =)

Gail C.

3 varieties x 2 pieces x 4 deliveries = 24 pieces of fruit or vegie for $39.00???

Pamela C.

I, too, would like to know what it is that I would be ordering. Ordering organic fruits & veggies sounds ike a great idea, however the details are too vague.

Gail C.

Think I will do my organic shopping at the farmers market and cut out the middle man, thus supporting our local famers more effectivley!

Kyle S.

hi Maria,

Thank you for your post it is well received.To answer your question about local, when it comes to colorado, everything is colorado grown USDA certified.

Im not really sure how to respond your your post, But it is not our intention for you to feel that way about our company. But we are a real company, infect you are welcome to call us, call me directly. I am the one answering the phone. 720-314-8565.

The US cant be consumed with all large corporations, as we are built to stand together as small thriving business. Social Buying has offered us a great opportunity for a new clientel base.

Part of what you are paying for is the service, locally grown produce to your door step! I hope this answers some of your questions.

Thanks Maria F!

Kyle S.

Hi Gail Thank you for your post, you bring up a good point.

If you want to know exactly what you are getting, the local farmers market is always a great experience. I can understand that. I go to farmers markets every weekend in my community.

This service is really great for the on the go type of person that essentially needs someone else to do the shopping for a once!

Its also a great chance for people to support small business :-D

Kyle S.

Maria F.

We need to save the discussion board for discussion, Why don’t you email me so that we can handle this on a more personal level.


katherine s.

One of the reasons these questions may be difficult ot answer is the variability of the weather in our great state. We receive CO organic fruit through our CSA, and although the orchard grows cherries, peaches, plums, apples, pears, apricots, etc, we may not get one or more of the fruits due to a late feeze, early freeze, hail, drought, etc.

Karen C.

I was really excited about this offer at first glance, but the more I look into this, it seems pretty sketchy, and Kyle couldn’t be more evasive. The questions that are being asked are simple to answer, I think the answers would be helfpful to everyone interested in this Groupon. I don’t understand why, if you are legitimate business, you aren’t more open to sharing your business model/standard procdures with potential customers.

Lauren A.

I agree, groupon is a site for us as a consumer to try new things. If you do not believe in the company or support it, do not get the groupon it’s as simple as that. You do not need to be rude and attack the employee who is just trying to help over the discussion. Honestly after seeing the way Kyle handled Maria in such a professional manner, I decided to finally get this groupon after debating.

Lack of information leaves me wondering, but I dooooo love fruit. So, I’ll bite this one time. If it turns out that it’s lousy fruit then I guess I’ll try to complain about it and I won’t purchase again if it should come up on Groupon again.

John S.

Loren D- You have got to be kidding. Praising the “professional manner” Kyle handled Maria is why you decided to get it!?! He told her basically that a discussion board is not the place to have a discussion. He hasn’t answered one question in a straight forward manner.
Kyle- Please answer Maria’s questions

Kyle S.


Thank you, please email me at kyle@specialtyorganics.com

Karen C.

Totally agreed John, I had to do a double take to see if I had read the response properly.

Maria’s questions are valid and deserve to be answered. This IS the place to have a discussion and answer consumers’ questions. I too was excited to see this Groupon until thinking about it further and reading Maria’s questions/concerns. Kyle, if you do not answer Maria’s questions, I will not be purchasing this…and I will be sure to tell all my friends who use this site not to as well…as this is starting to smell like a scam.

Be sure to read the reviews on the website Maria just posted. SCARY!!

Lori L.

I have to say that I thought Maria’s questions were well thought out and well stated and that they mirrored some of my questions. The evasive response (and really lack of response) from the merchant has made the decision to not buy this groupon an easy one!

David P.

I will NOT be buying this groupon. I thank Maria for her activism. I was ready to buy this but have since decided not to after reading the good questions posed by her, their shady website, and a bad experience with the Door-To-Door Organics groupon.

Thanks Maria, I will not be an investor in some startup scheme.

Doc P.

Thanks for the review from yelp…count me out!

David P.

I believe everyone who buys this will either get typical quality fruit shipped from god-know-where, or they’ll be stopping by Soopers on the way to your house.

The internet is supposed to allow us to make SMARTER decisions, not dumber ones. BE SKEPTICAL

Ursula F.

Nice work Maria! You are a regular Sherlock Holmes! Can I buy you on groupon to help me find other scams? Maybe Groupon should hire you for quality control.

Catherine H.

Not all startups are successful. Have you tried to start a new business lately? I admire Kyle for this concept, his attempt to answer the attacks on this board, and for starting a new business. Groupon should remove some of these posts and in the spirit intended, give Specialty Organics a chance to succeed without petty attacks. Perhaps Kyle is unable to answer all these questions right away because he is filling orders! E-mail him if you have more questions.

Mitchell J.

Oh none of you realized that Kyle was the next candidate for president?…or at least he should be given his question dodging.

This was the greatest discussion ever…way racier than the teeth whitening, which was even more of a scam…

D P.

Thanks Maria,
I think you asked some very good questions and I agree that the replies were evasive. You have to love Google! Also, I think Groupon has a guarantee so if people already bought it and it is not satisfactory, they will refund your purchase. I am passing on this one though.

Stacy C.

I too decided not to buy this since Kyle refused to answer Maria’s very simple, fair questions – no reputable company is going to be hesitant to tell you what their product actually is.

Also, it surely does seem that Specialty Organics used to be The Delectable Plate as one reviewer states… most reviews mention they got into this through vouchers bought off the internet, and most mention a “Kyle” based out of Denver.

I look forward to checking the reviews on Yelp for Specialty Organics in a month or so.

And finally, their website, on which Groupon is the main focus, won’t be “debuted” until the day the Groupon expires? Come on.

Darcie W.

Why are you attacking this guy? In my opinion he tried to answer your questions professionally and even gave you his direct number. Instead of being polite, you decide to slander him publicly.
You are potentially making him lose a lot of business. If you don’t want to buy something, don’t.. Let others decide for themselves.
You aren’t the caped girl fighting for all that is right in delivered organic produce, are you?
For everyone else, I had door-to-door for over a year and love them.


The pricing should tip you off by itself. Let’s see…..$100 of fruit for $39 or $200 for $89. That’s like get 1 for $5 or 2 for $12. You usually get a bigger discount for purchasing more. Somethings backwards here.

Daisy P.

Please just answer Maria’s questions.


Mitchell J.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! People total scam. Look at the cheesy website. The other deals they launched were just six days ago and total took in so many people…

Maria F. you should be praised. Am I the only one that realizes this? Sheesh people need to learn to internet…

kristen e.

Go Maria, go! Thanks for all the sleuthing, I too was almost tempted by this and fortunately hit the comments button first. People, if it seems too good to be true, it often is too good to be true…

Stacy C.

I ran the phone number given by Kyle and found yet another variation on the name listed, this time a coffee scam sold through an online voucher:


I hope Groupon takes this down – it’s clearly a scam by Kyle (with laughable support from his alt profiles), and honestly, it makes me a little wary of all Groupon deals. :( Oh well, thank goodness for Yelp and for people like Maria!

Mitchell J.

Holy schnikes!

DC = 70863$

Other Denver deal = 41706$

Current Boston Groupon = 46254$

Current Denver Groupon = 15483$

Grand total…205077$ in the matter of a few days. Not a bad take. Where can I sign up to run this kind of a “deal”? Someone hire me tooooo hahha jk I don’t like ripping people off (from the looks of everything….maybe it’s legit).

Mitchell J.

Hey Maria want to start a company that exposes companies ripping people off? Hahaha. I’m compiling all the data for the class action law suit…


Thank you Maria! I signed up just so I could post this comment.

Ursula F.

She is a regular Chris Hanson!! She should be on Dateline: “Kyle, Nice to see you. Why don’t you have a seat over there.”

Joe C.

Thanks Maria!

I find it surprising that Groupon doesn’t check up on the companies it does business with.

One look at this company’s “website” while attempting to get some information and I knew something was up.

Dana O.

Thanks for the heads up, Maria. Your skepticism paid off. I, too was excited to find a deal like this until I read the discussion and visited the website. I became most skeptical myself when Kyle did not answer your questions. The links to the reviews you provided were helpful. Of course I have chosen not to go ahead with this Groupon purchase. The only thing that turned me off about your posts was your spitefulness. You seemed angry, accusing him of a lack of financial management skills and also assuming he might get the grocery store left overs to deliver. A more professional approach would have been even more effective – just stating the facts. Anybody who followed up on the links you provided and visited the website would certainly be able to make the right decision not to buy.

Kyle S.

Hello Everyone, What a heated discussion that is going on. I’ve gone through and would like to address some things before some of these posts tarnish our company and make it out to be something that it is not. First of all Groupon takes a lot of time to make sure that it puts out a quality product for their customers, rest assure they have done their research. We are not out to hide anything. We have offered our customer service number BTW 720-314-8565 to anyone that would like to contact us and speak with directly. 

ALL PRODUCT is Colorado Grown. These vouchers do not expire until September. A variety of fruit is available in Colorado throughout the year. including but not limited to grapes, berries, peaches, melons, apples, pears, apricots, plums, cherries and more! These all grow well here in Colorado because of our warm days and cool nights. If you are looking for a more plentiful box you may think about redeeming your voucher toward the end of summer, or even in the middle. We are offering this now so that individuals have a chance to redeem when they want and not all at the same time. 

As for shipping, Yes for shipping to rual areas, we do go to those areas, there are certain times in which our drivers actually go up and around, so that we get more than one in an area. If we have to ship it then we will. A majority of the people buying this deal are in the metro areas of Colorado. We do have multiple locations around the state to make this possible. 

Specialty Organics, is in multiple markets, and we have found this concept to work very well. We have also run with other social buying networks and have found to be successful. This concept simply works! Some of our markets are year round. Colorado is obviously a seasonal program due to the unpredictable weather that we have in Colorado. That is why we are running the deal now and not in the middle of winter! 

Denver is a newer market for us so we thought to get our name out and to gain new customers that we would use social buying to achieve that. Now-a-days the internet is the most powerful source of making money and growth for a small business. This past year I came in to the company as the Delectable Plate was going down. I was hired to do some consulting. As a result of some issues that the Delectable Plate was having with its distributers, Myself and business partner moved in to purchase the company and cliental base so that everyone would be ok. After bailing out the Delectable Plate we had to re-strategies re-brand and come out new and fresh. The Idea of Specialty Organics was born, and with the use of social buying we have created a cliental base now of over 250,000 people nationwide and it’s growing by the second! 

We are very excited about our partnership with Groupon and hope to serve you. We have nothing to hide, we are not a scam, we are a growing company, that strives to offer the best for our customers.  Maria F. I can understand your frustrations, as I can only hope that you understand the frustrations that we have had as well.

We have a lot of very happy customers too, it just seems that the ones that have problems, and or issues are the ones that actually voice it. Maria, I commend you for taking this on, but please be assured that we are a real company, we are not a scam. America is built on the backs of small businesses, thats why I support them as much as I can. Choose for yourself, If you have any questions or doubts I am available via email, as well as phone 


Thank you 

Kyle Pommer

Dana O.

Wow! Even more has surfaced since I took the time to sign up just so I could post. I’m not only skeptical of Specialty Organics, but Groupon as well.

Mitchell J.

AH! This explains it people:

Groupon Jobs

Factcheck Manager
Editorial | Chicago, IL, United States

I am going to apply there so as to avoid this sort of faux pas on behalf of groupon and the good consumers of our great nation!

That or I will be referring Maria haha.

Jeff S.

Simple math made me question this.

$39 for two months worth
$89 for four months worth?
Truly shady math.

And after checking through the comments, I’m out. #Groupon shame on you.

Shannin T.

I read throught the unfiltered reviews on yelp and they were really bad. I hope the people who bought this groupon do not get taken advantage of as well. I am glad I read the discussion first or I would have been one of them, so thank you Maria. Nice work.

Ursula F.

Dana O.,
Why does Maria have to be “professional” This is not her job. Kyle is the one who needs to be professional.

Maria Kills it, basically.

Shannin T.

To Dana, Groupon is usually better at filtering this sort of thing and I have bought several great Groupons in the past. Our spa has worked with Groupon as well to offer massage/facial Groupons and they usually research companies better. I hope Groupon reads this discussion board and ends this organics deal to avoid ruining their good reputation.

Kyle S.

Look, We are here to offer a service for our new clients. Satisfaction is guaranteed! If this is something that you don’t want to give a chance, fine. We are here to please you as the customer once again.


OMG, I almost bought this “deal” is Boston but someone posted a link to this discussion and I’m so glad they did!!! As a sucker for organic produce I at first thought, GREAT, but the math of $39 or $89 made me step back and look at it more. Also the “expiration varies” I thought odd, so thats what brought me to the discussion board. I love Groupon but I’m dissapointed in this! :-(

Ramy R.

Maria, rather than lambasting this person and company, as fun as that may be for you, why don’t you call him as he has offered several times and get your questions answered. This is one of the unfortunate drawbacks to these forums. Everyone with a caustic opinion gets to smear companies trying to succeed even if one-side an potentially baseless. Yelp is nothing more than a place where whiney people go to vent- usually totally useless.

Stacy C.

Actually, no. Here are the Yelps for Door-to-Door Organics, a reputable company doing organic delivery right here in Colorado. Where are all the complaints about them?


Ramy R.

Right. I didn’t say that every company gets bad reviews. I am simply pointing out that there can, at times, be a few disgruntled people who make an overwhelming amount of noise. I’m not sure what you prove when pointing out a good review.

Garrett D.

Keep it up, Maria!

Ramy R.

@Maria. Yes I think it is reasonable to have to call him if you would like the specific names of farms, their relationship, etc. I think it is perfectly reasonable.

I’m in Boston, where a similar discussion there prompted pointed to this one. Thanks for all the useful links! I definitely won’t be buying this.

It seems likely that Ramy is a sock puppet created by Kyle so that someone could defend him. No reasonable person or business would consider these questions out of line. And claiming that discussion is out of place of place on a discussion board is pretty much comical.

Groupon needs to step in here and do their own research.

Garrett D.

@Judy I agree with you about Ramy.

For a company that promotes itself as using local farms as suppliers, it is not unreasonable to know what those local farms are. That information should be available on their website or in their FAQ.

If Maria was the only one who cared about that, then e-mail would be appropriate. However, many others have expressed interest in obtaining answers to those questions. So what makes more sense for Kyle? To answer multiple e-mails asking the same questions or to put those answers somewhere where everyone can see.

Joe C.

There is no way, on this company’s website, to place an order WITHOUT a Groupon.

So who is paying the “regular” price of $100 and $200?

So disappointed in Groupon.

Maria, I love your input. I would like to discuss a job opportunity as a blogger and content writer. Please call me at 917-817-9024. thanks! donna

Dana, if you are with Groupon, can you let us know what Groupon is doing to follow up on this issue?

Mitchell J.

What I find even more interesting is how the discussion link for all the groupons is so tiny! So many people could have avoided getting taken in by this “deal” as it were.

Mitchell J.

Wow look what that phone number that Kyle posted turned up:


2812 West Nolana Ave, Ste 130 Box 21, Mcallen TX 78504 720.314.8565

Mitchell J.


The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper….

Virginia K.

I can’t believe that I actually purchased this deal without doing my usual due diligence. What a mistake. I hope that Goupon will make an exception and cancel my transaction.

I put too much trust in the fact that they were listed by Groupon — that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great deals out there — it just means that you should always do your research. I wish I had taken my own advice.

Mitchell J.

Recent site activity
2 hours ago Management Support edited Home
2 hours ago Management Support edited FAQ
2 hours ago Management Support edited FAQ
2 hours ago Management Support created FAQ
10 hours ago Management Support edited Home

That’s some interesting editing on the specialtyorganics page….

Stacy C.

I reported this to Groupon earlier this morning (something I have never done before) and received the following response:

“Hi Stacy,

Thank your for you email. I will forward it to the appropriate department. We always want our customers to feel like they are getting the best deal possible, and we will look into the issue further.


Ryan D."

Hopefully some of you have done the same – I have a feeling that Groupon is going to be receiving a lot of requests for refunds in the weeks and months to come.

A quick glance at the comments here prompted me to pass on this deal. After reading through them (lunch hour!), I’m amazed. Thank you @Maria & @Stacy for the links; it’s crazy how much this guy has made!


Here are two other points that at least I consider important.

1) Groupons to me are designed to introduce us to local businesses we might otherwise not try. This is a brand-new business, with no track record.
2) On a related note, you can only purchase from this business using a Groupon! Aren’t Groupons supposed to offer discounts over everyday pricing? There is no “everyday pricing” for this merchant. He just as easily could have said his everyday price is $150 a box, or $300. Since this is a new business with no pricing history and no other way to purchase its product, the whole Groupon concept doesn’t seem to apply.

I think Groupon seriously erred in deciding to offer this to us.

Sher S.

I’m wondering if Marie F. is this informed in every other buying decision she makes. Good luck on that one…the authorities will label you as a criminal/whistleblower and will follow you around everywhere. Try gaining this much information with any consumer product you use/purchase and then ask for the guarantee that they so easily spout…there is a dark side to all this and if you make too much noise you will find out for yourself! P.S. I don’t think she would be a great blogger…her posts took on a very _itchy tone…

Ursula F.

HAHA yeah Maria, you better look out, the Men in Black are gonna come and stuff rotten inorganic fruit down your throat until you get….THE RUNS!
Sher,your conspiracy theory is HILARIOUS.

Garrett D.

@Sher, what are you saying exactly? That consumers should not be informed and should be afraid to ask specific questions about products they are considering purchasing?

Ramesh K.

Why would Groupon continue to promote this business as a featured deal after it has been exposed several times by customers without even a single valid rebuttal from either the merchant or Groupon. If an average joe could dig up this much dirt by googling this company, does Groupon not even do basic background checks anymore. Makes me wonder about Groupon’s credibility and the “Groupon promise”.

By continuing to run this as a featured deal for another day and a half (with the tiny comments link most people often overlook), they are pulling in a lot of unsuspecting customers. Even if Groupon decides to refund the money in the event the merchant doesn’t follow through, I don’t think it’s worth the aggravation for all of its customers. The responsibility lays not just with the merchant in this case but with Groupon mainly, since that is who we trust when buying these deals.

Stacy C.

I completely agree, Ramesh – that’s why I posted the response I got from Groupon (a non-response really, at this point). I linked this thread directly in my note to them, and received their reply at 11:51 MST. While we should be able to expect that companies have been vetted, I could get over an honest mistake. However, the basic questions that have been asked remain unanswered, and if this deal stays up for another day and a half, it’s 100% Groupon’s failure.

I still have faith that they’ll further investigate and take it down. Call me Pollyanna.

Mitchell J.

@Sher S. If Maria didn’t investigate every net-based “this looks like a deal” BS like what’s been posted here, she’d be getting taken for hundreds if not thousands annually I’m sure…is there something wrong with doing so?

As for groupon in general, a lot is good, a lot is sketchy. Did anyone else see the teeth whitening deal? I Googled it and found out that a lot of people have been ripped off all over the country, not to mention having their gums burned beyond all compare. I’m so glad I did a search or I might have been in the same boat (because damn do I need my teeth whitened for sure).

@Maria F. Lets go for it haha. I already thought up some names and since it’s net based we’d only need computers!

It amazes me that Groupon has yet to post anything yet in regards to this.

And Mitchell, I have seen that teeth whitening groupon, and thought it was a scam too. It’s been offered at least twice now, hasn’t it?

Virginia K.

I commend Groupon for permitting me to cancel my order – they did not have to extend this courtesy, and I am grateful that they did.

Stacy C.

As of 1:40 MST I’m showing 935 sold in Denver and 1576 in Boston?!? The lump sum numbers on Groupon’s site don’t exactly equal the breakdown when you click “Buy” (showing X purchased it at $39 and Y purchased it at $89), but they’re close. I’ve used the individual “Buy” numbers for my calculations below:

Anyway, let’s break this down:

776 sold for $39 = $30,264
159 sold for $89 = $14,151

1350 at $39 = $52,650
226 at $89 = $20,114

Total = $117,179. Even if he only gets half, that’s a take of $58,589.50 so far.

Groupon folks, if you would be so kind, just let us know what you think of today’s deal. I think we’d all really like to hear your take on this. Can’t blame us for being suspicious!

Mitchell J.

@Holly G. I don’t really know how many times it’s been offered in Denver, this was the first time I saw it…but it’s been a national offering in a few cities and it’s been a total ripoff according to a lot of people.

Wow Yael, didn’t think to call it haha.

Stacy C.

Agreed Virginia. I think that’s great on Groupon’s part.

Mitchell J.

hmmmm found all of Kyle’s real contact info.

Who wants to call him personally? lol…

Hello Everyone

Thank you for the vibrant discussion, and thank you for being respectful and polite. These are not always common qualities on internet forums, and the civility everyone has shown is truly appreciated.

We hear your calls and take very seriously the claims presented. Our representatives are currently working to achieve clear answers to your questions, and will be responding here soon.

Rest assured that Groupon always has your back. As our Groupon Promise states, if you ever feel let down, we’ll return your purchase. This should never be in doubt.

Thank you again for posting, and we look forward to resolving your questions very soon. As always, feel free to contact support@groupon.com at any time.

Forum Moderator

Also looking forward to some input from Groupon. Did a quick scan under Mr. Pommer’s past businesses, and found this:


Stacy C.


First off, epic profile picture. +1000 internets for you.

Secondly, thanks for the response! It matters a lot that you took the time to acknowledge our concerns. We look forward to hearing back from you. I’m certainly not above admitting when I’ve been wrong.

Kindest Regards,


Lindsay W.

After reading through all of this I think something has gone missing! Folks need to step back and reread some of this. In the first posting by Kyle it states a disclaimer about the former company which was taken over in Feb 2011. One of the Yelp reviews of that company is from December 2010. If anyone has ever worked for a company while it is folding sometimes lots of bad things happen as it appeared to have in the Feb 2011 reviews also provided. I have never had a bad experience with goupon or the merchants they use. That being said it is a good idea to do research before spending. I do however think if you have concerns of this nature it would be best to take them up with groupon (where is the groupon representation here?) or with the company. I think it is ok before slandering a company with only one side of things you can ask them direct questions in an email.

I have bought produce in this fashion before and this is a reasonable price for that (don’t forget they are delievering it to your home). This is normally how it appears you get so many pieces of fruits and veggies and about 4 different varieties. You do not know what you will get as it depands on what is freshest. This is the fun of this sort of deleivery system. If you are not into that then do not order this groupon. If upon your first order you are not happy it appears groupon will NOT leave you hanging. IT amazing me how even an angry mob can form on an online discussion board. So check those dates of the negative yelp reviews and realize this is someone who appears to be restarting a business. I am not sure if I will be ordering this one yet, but it will not be due to this discussion board. I think it got way out of hand. Remember there are 3 truths to every story. It’s not his job to defend all of that to a discussion board.

Matbe if we tried to be kinder to one another and go into things as if we are not trying to find something wrong we may have better outcomes.

Lindsay W.

Thanks for the follow up groupon…..I got delayed with a phone call and hit send before rechecking the forum!

Catherine H.

I can’t view the deal now. Perhaps Groupon has taken it down?

Stacy C.

It’s officially “SOLD OUT

Way to go, Groupon… thanks for listening, and I hope we get a final update!

Stacy C.

I’m showing new Groupons up for both Denver and Boston.

Thanks to everyone to participated in this discussion – I think we all really enjoy the service Groupon offers, and are glad that action was taken so quickly.

Mitchell J.

Wow great game gang! Looks like we at least revealed something sketchy regardless of whether we were an angry mob or not!

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to check back and find that 1500+ people were taken and something could have been done about it. If this company was so reputable then where are the reviews that state it? Just imagine how many people out there just chalked it up to experience and let their money go to waste on this company/previous company/shill company…

@Maria F. When and where should we meet to discuss our business venture hahaha.

Silver S.

I am fairly new to Groupon but i would like to say thanks to everyone for your comments on this, i did not buy this groupon because of all the feedback. I always check comments before buying a deal just for this kind of reason! Thanks for the good snooping everyone!

WOW. What a thread!

Linsdsey- very excellent points in your posts, and it’s nice to see an alternative to all the bashing going on. Even when you to go iTunes you can sort for “which version” people are commenting on. The current version of this company is only a few months old and posts about it before then should be taken with a grain of salt.

For those of you proud of your detective work- that’s really great and I applaud you as well.

I personally am happy that I got this deal. I applaud Kyle for taking a failing company and attempting to turn it around. I have been a very long time Groupon fan and I KNOW if this ends up not being a good deal- they will have my back. So I say it’s worth a chance and am happy to help support a company that’s triying to rebound from previous failures. Is it a gamble for me? No, not really- as Groupon will refund my money if it doesn’t go well.

I look forward to my first box of fruit from this company.

Daisy P.

First, thanks everyone for their comments. I had already purchased the certificate, but I contacted Groupon and they refunded my money. Even if they are legit, if I look at the per piece cost for the fruit, it is way overpriced. I decided that even if they did deliver it in hybrid vehicle, I was still harming the environment by puchasing this deal, because I still will be going to the store or farmers market to purchase other produce. I have been part of a farmers co-op before, but I would get bags of produce, freshly grown. There was a list up front on what I’d receive and what farms it came from. The fact that these questions weren’t answered, and that on the website made me cancel.

Mitchell J.

@Maria. All too easy.

Andy J.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback. We’re going to be keeping a close eye on this offer as it develops. In the meantime, if you’re someone who purchased this deal, and have any feedback on the services rendered, please let us know and we’ll take any action necessary. You can contact us at support@groupon.com.

After speaking with the business, here’s some answers to a few of the questions floating around.

Specialty Organics was established before this deal with Groupon. Their site suffered from some trouble when they were attempting to implement a Groupon redemption system, so certain elements of the site (like links to purchase these packages outside of the Groupon Deal) are down, but will be back soon.

The $89 Deluxe package was designed for people who wanted eight weeks of uninterrupted service, without having to worry about reactivation of their second Groupon. However, if you’re someone who purchased the $89 option without realizing that you could purchase the $39 option for a similar value, let us know and we can either adjust your purchase to reflect your intentions, or we can work out some other solution with you.

There was also some questions about what fruits would be offered, as well as what the selection would be during the winter. Currently, Colorado markets are getting grapefruit, tangerines, aprium (hybrid apricots), plums, pink lady apples, braeburn apples, murcott (hybrid mandarin oranges), and pears. During the winter, they work with farmers that grow goods during those months. Some selections available during that time would be squash, apples and other hardy produce.

I want to once again thank everyone on this board, and especially Maria F. for her ability to voice her concerns in a consistently respectful manner. That’s what these boards are for.

If you’re someone who purchased this deal, and you don’t find these answers satisfactory in any way, please let us know. We’re working on our end to make sure this deal delivers (no pun intended) and you have a good Groupon experience. If things don’t work out, (not to sound like a broken record) but please contact us at support@groupon.com, or call us at 877-788-7858 and we’ll make things right.

Thanks again!

Andy Junk
Groupon Customer Support

I did buy this deal but after reading the comments, I felt like such a fool. I learned my lesson, for now on I will read the comments before I buy. I was just so excited about this deal.

THANK YOU GROUPON! You have put my worries at bay, you are the best!

@Maria F. You are amazing! Getting kind of famous too :) Thank you so much, I have learned my lesson to never jump at a deal, just got a tad excited, love fruit. Groupon really should hire you!

Joe C.

I’d still like to hear from Groupon on this.

Did this business go through “8 layers of quality control” as cited in the Mashable article before the featured deal was issued?

Haven’t been able to find “Specialty Organics, LLC” as registered business in CO (also checked MA, VA). Certainly there is no information on the company website in regards to the business entity.

Garrett D.

Wow. From the Mashable article:

“Pommer told Mashable that Specialty Organics is a 4-person company working with produce couriers in 15 markets. The company has no physical base, but rather partners with a company called The FruitGuys, which acts as its “farmer liaison” in various areas. He said this company’s policies prevented him from revealing the farms that it worked with.

But The Fruitguys COO, Erik Muller, said the company did not work with Specialty Organics, hadn’t heard of it and that The Fruitguys didn’t have that kind of relationship with any third-party seller. When asked why this was, Pommer responded that he had been misinformed and that “a deal has not been set in stone.”

This is exactly why obtaining answers to Maria’s simple questions were so important and why Kyle’s failure to provide answers to this question specifically was a huge red flag for me.

It will be interesting to hear feedback from those that purchased it.

I also purchased this deal in Boston, and I’d like to add my gratitude to Maria F, who really opened my eyes to the fact that regardless of my previous experiences with Groupon, it’s absolutely necessary to practice due diligence every single time!!

I purchased this deal for delivery to my son & his roommates, so maybe, even if it ISN’T the best thing, it’ll be better than the pizza and ramen noodles that they usually eat!

Daisy P.

Thanks again Maria & Mitchell for your research.

I also realized that most of the fruit that’s grown in Colorado is from trees, which typically is called an orchard; not a farm! That should have been my first clue that this was a scam!

I requested a refund from Groupon, and here’s their response:

“We review the companies we feature by checking places such as Rip Off Report and the BBB for any negative ratings. We also check Yelp, CitySearch and local media for user and editorial reviews. And sometimes, we do take a chance on new businesses because we simply like the concept and have established a good working relationship with the business owner. What specifically is causing you to feel so apprehensive about this specific deal? "

That’s just disingenous, dude.

Mitchell J.

Pardon Our Dust… Specialty Organics debuts its new
Website May 25, 2011


Mitchell J.

Mitchell J. commented 7 hours and 39 minutes ago


Recent site activity
7 hours ago Management Support edited Home

Pardon Our Dust… Specialty Organics debuts its new
Website Soon

Denver and Boston groupon links GONE.

Hahahaha someone is watching…………….

Joe C.

Looks like the new Specialty Organics website is up. In the “about” section, is says that “Specialty Organics is a registered LLC in the state of Colorado.”

Hrmmm … maybe I am just a bad searcher but I can’t find it.


Mitchell J.

Yesssssssssss guess who just opened his own company? Yall are looking at the new Owner and Operator of Specialty Organics LLC Inc Corp .com TM R IN DENVER CO…no jk.

Theresa M.

I’m looking for anyone who purchased this item, as I am researching a possible news story.
Please contact me at 303-832-0200, ask for Theresa Marchetta.

Karen H.

I requested a refund from Groupon and they happily obliged. Great discussion.

Just thought I’d add a comment here since I bought basically the same deal from a different social media coupon site that doesn’t have this valuable discussion forum (I might have avoided the mistake of buying if it did)… after sketchy at best communications, and now officially the first delivery not delivered (was supposed to be delivered yesterday… no response from the company… ). I called said other site and they have very nicely refunded my full purchase amount. When I was looking to find out if others had the same problem as I had I came across this thread. So if anyone else is in the same boat, I suggest contacting the company you bought your deal from! They are also being very cooperative like Groupon seems to be!

Alan M.

Looks like this was a scam. Not possible to schedule delivery and no orders have been delivered. Boo on Groupon for promoting this scam! Boo on Specialty Organics. Yea on Groupon for refunding my money, no questions asked!

Timo A.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for purchasing the Groupon for Specialty Organics.
We have heard that some of our customers are having difficulty getting in touch with this business. We realize how frustrating that can be and we want to make it right as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

If you have not been able to redeem your Groupon, please email us at support@groupon.com and we’ll be happy to issue a refund to the original credit card used for the purchase or to your Groupon account to be used for future purchases.

We appreciate your understanding, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Timo A.
Groupon Customer Support

Robert H.

Groupon has made good on the bad taste left in my mouth from never getting what I ordered from Specialty Organics, S.O. never even answered one of my 5 Emails to them. Aaron with Groupon customer service was great no complaints about Groupon. On the other hand, never ever ever buy from Specialty Organics—-bad bad bad!!!!!

Tricia C.

I ordered my fruit back in May and still haven’t recieved anything. How do I go about getting the fruit or a refund for this groupon.

Sammy T.

Hi Tricia

Please contact Groupon at support@groupon.com or 877.788.7858 and we’d be more than glad to assist you with this!

Groupon Forum Moderator

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