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How to Attract Visitors to Your Website

How to Attract Visitors to Your Website

The most beautiful, engaging website is useless without visitors. But where there’s traffic, there’s hope. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of ranking high. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post or web page—anything with a URL can rank on Google. A good piece of content will rank high, which will attract visitors for months or years. So here’s how to attract visitors to your website with search engines:

1. Pick a Keyword

The first step is keyword research. The goal is to find a phrase for which people are looking and that isn’t too competitive. Enter possible phrases in Google’s keyword tool. If the phrase has between a few hundred or a few thousand searches per month, it’s probably a good target.

2. Use the Keyword

As you write your article, use the keyword in the right places. Put it in your title, your headers, and a few times in the article. Follow SEO best practices, and don’t overdo it. Your visitors don’t want to read something stuffed with keywords.

Readers like scan-able content, which means lots of formatting: bullet points, lists, subheaders, and bolding. More formatting also means more places to use the phrase. These additional instances of the phrase can also help indicate relevance.

3. Link from Other Pages

Your post is unlikely to rank at all if other pages don’t link to it, so you’ll need a few inbound links. Links from popular blogs and famous websites are the most beneficial, but links from your own site are good, too. Find a few pages on your site that use the target keyphrase, and then turn those phrases into links to the new page.

Still not ranking?

If after a week or so, you still don’t appear on the first few pages of Google, try one or more of these steps:

  • Tweak the title and header. Make sure the keyword appears at the beginning of each.

  • Write a guest post on a similar topic and create a link to the page. Submit it to a local blog in your area or a site related to your industry.

  • Write another post for your site. Target a less-popular and less-competitive phrase. Keep writing; you’ll gradually create a section of pages or category in your blog. This creates more opportunities for internal links, and you’ll eventually have a mini encyclopedia. Own the topic and Google will love you.

4. Quality Matters

Ultimately, if the article isn’t one of the best pages on the topic, it doesn’t deserve to rank. So make it a better article if possible. Add examples, evidence, and details—anything to improve it.

5. Other Ways to Attract Visitors

Social media and email marketing are other powerful ways to attract visitors. Best of all, they can make use of the same article. Share it through the social channels, and send it as an email newsletter.

Eventually, a high-ranking post will strengthen your social media and email marketing. Visitors who find your post via searching may follow, share, comment, or subscribe, which creates a virtuous cycle of traffic.

6. What to Write About

Anxious about coming up with ideas to write about? Don’t panic. There are plenty of creative ways to find website content. It does take time, so make sure you get the most out of it. And then promote it with search, social media, and email marketing. That’s how to attract visitors!

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