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How to Use LinkedIn For Your Small Business

LinkedIn for Small Business

For busy small business owners, LinkedIn is a powerful way to grow a business without attending a ton of networking events. The site’s new emphasis on visual content and content marketing makes it much easier to engage with your network, stay top-of-mind, and demonstrate your expertise. We cover how to use LinkedIn for your small business.

Whether you own a restaurant, salon, health-and-wellness business, or a fitness business, here are seven ideas for using LinkedIn to grow your small business:

Share Original and Curated Content

With LinkedIn’s new emphasis on a content-rich news feed, the blog posts, articles, and ebooks you share will show up in your network’s news feed. Be sure to share your own content, as well as content that you come across online. Use LinkedIn’s sharing bookmarklet to easily share curated content.

Share Visual Content

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s visual content capabilities by sharing videos, photos, and presentations (LinkedIn owns Slideshare) in your profile. You’ll not only showcase your expertise in a more engaging and accessible way, it will really help your profile stand out as well.

Engage with Your Network

Remember that LinkedIn is a social network and that engaging with your network is a must. Skim your news feed a few minutes each day, and comment on, like, and share the content that people in your network post.

Grow Your Network

Supplement attending in-person networking events with networking on LinkedIn. Look for potential customers within your network, on LinkedIn company pages, and via recommendations. You can either reach out with a personal message or ask for introductions via shared connections.

Post company news

Don’t forget to share your own company’s news! Whether you land a big new account, add new products or services, form an important partnership, or expand operations or locations, announce news with a link to the press release on LinkedIn.

Join and Participate in Groups

By joining and actively participating in groups, you’ll be able to raise your profile and build awareness of your company. You can join industry-related groups or those that include your target audience. Just keep in mind that you are there to share helpful information rather than to promote your business.


LinkedIn ads can be highly targeted to reach your audience. You can segment ads by industry, company, company size, location, and title. Create separate ads that address the challenges of your different target markets, and highlight how you make their lives easier.

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