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6 Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips

Facebook HolidaysIf there’s ever a time to double down on Facebook marketing, it’s during the holidays:

  • 78% of consumers said a company’s social media posts impact their purchases
  • Facebook influences 30.8% of consumer purchases
  • 38% of users purchased an item after liking it*

And Facebook users spend a nice chunk of change. According to a study published by Adobe and IBM, the average order value on Facebook was between $109.94 and $114.45 (in 2014).

Here are six holiday Facebook marketing tips to boost sales this year:

Choose a specific goal

“More sales” is a great goal – especially during the holiday season – but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean anything unless it’s more specific. By how much do you want to surpass sales from last year? What kind of a click through rate and conversion rate do you need to hit your sales goal?

Once you know what numbers you are aiming for, you’ll be able to tweak your Facebook marketing strategy as you go.

Publish inspirational holiday-related posts

It’s a fact: People love the holidays, and they love the feel-good-do-good-be-good sense of warmth, love, and peace that pops up between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Tap into those emotions by curating and publishing inspirational, holiday-related posts that are connected to your brand.

Offer coupons

Did you know that 48% of people that follow brands on Facebook do so to get coupons? It’s definitely worthwhile offering at least one special promotion on Facebook during the holidays, just to see what kind of response you get. Don’t forget, publicizing your Groupon deals on Facebook helps increase their reach.

Study the ideal time to post

For years, much has been written about the best times to post on every social network out there. All that matters for you, though, is what is proven to work for you.

Take a look at your page insights to understand what time of day (and content) gets the most engagement (shares, likes, and comments). That’s when you want to publish and promote posts on Facebook.

Stick with one call-to-action per post

Though it might be tempting to ask people to like your page, comment on your post, and make a purchase, don’t. You’ll confuse and aggravate already busy people. Choose one call-to-action per post, preferably ones that have worked very well in the past.

Use Facebook to generate leads

Ask for Facebook page likes in exchange for a coupon code on their next (or first) purchase, free shipping, or a freebie with purchase. You’ll not only grow your Facebook audience, but your sales, too. And, you’ll know exactly how many people used the code and how much they spent.

What are your big Facebook marketing plans for this holiday season?

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All Stats from: *How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions Infographic

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  1. Facebook is still a very good platform to generate sales by proper marketing and advertising

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