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This week was the first day of Fall. For a lot of  business owners that means a shift in focus to the holidays. For those businesses that thrive in the summer, Fall can be a welcome respite and a chance to catch up on what you’ve been missing and prepare for next year.Our friends at the Groupon guide have been killing it lately with helpful info for customers and business owners.

Check out this article about the Great American Beer Festival going on right now. Groupon is a proud sponsor of the Festival and it’s a great way for you to learn the latest trends and recommendations from craft brewers who make the beers you probably stock in your bar or restaurant.

On a lighter note, the guide also offers this guide to the Fall TV season, perfect for the busy business owner who doesn’t have time to watch everything.

If winter means increased staff for you, make sure to check out this article about the pros and cons of hiring teenagers. Also new in the SBRC, an article on setting a policy for reservation no-shows. Depending on the weather in your area this winter, no-shows could become a big deal.

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