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Starting a Brewery: Equipment List and Pricing

For serious fans of craft beer, starting a brewery can be the ultimate dream. What better business to start with friends—making something you love for you and other beer enthusiasts? In fact, a lot of people are passionate about brewing beer. According to the... Continue Reading

Groupon Merchant Case Study: Purple Sprout Cafe Was Built with Groupon

Groupon champions small businesses by connecting customers and merchants with their communities through effective local business marketing campaigns. Check out Purple Sprout Cafe and Juice Bar, a local business based in Wheeling, Illinois, that built its business as a... Continue Reading

Grand (Re)Opening Event Ideas for Seasonal Restaurants

When school lets out for summer, the temperatures are up, the sun is shining, and tourism increases dramatically. If you own a seasonal restaurant or other business in a tourist town, then you rely on travelers to support your business during these few months. In... Continue Reading

Restaurant Interview Questions for Servers

Operating a restaurant is hard work, with a low margin for error. What’s more, finding and retaining qualified staff can be an ongoing challenge. To improve your strategy for lower turnover rates, start with finding the best candidates during the hiring process.... Continue Reading

How to Start Loyalty Rewards for Your Restaurant

Besides delicious food, great customer service, a winning ambiance, and the best location, what exactly is in it for your restaurant’s customers? The reality is that restaurants owners and marketing professionals must work extra hard to keep customers returning... Continue Reading

10 Great Restaurant Podcasts For Successful Restaurateurs

Restaurant owners are famously busy people, working long hours at running successful restaurants, weekends and holidays included. As owners, they also need to continue researching and learning about the industry and their craft, whether to expand, get new ideas or... Continue Reading

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