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How to Get Customer Feedback in Your Groupon Merchant Center

Customer feedback is an important tool in growing your business. A great piece of customer feedback gives you insight into the side of your business that you can never truly experience yourself as the owner or manager. It tells you what you’re doing right and what you... Continue Reading

Inexpensive Groupon Alternatives — Are They Worth Your Time?

Are you looking into inexpensive Groupon alternatives for your business? We fully support small business owners evaluating all of their options. That’s why we created the Groupon Merchant Blog and Small Business Resource Center to provide insights on all aspects... Continue Reading

How Groupon Promotes Your Business and Deal

One of the first questions merchants usually ask us is how Groupon promotes and markets businesses on our platform, and rightfully so! Launching a Groupon offer is a big deal for everyone involved, from your business and staff to your Groupon representative and all of... Continue Reading

Groupon Case Study: Advanced Cryotherapy & Fitness—Local Business Marketing That Works

Groupon creates strong neighborhoods and communities by connecting customers and merchants through effective local business marketing campaigns. Check out one of our merchant success stories in this Built with Groupon case study for Advanced Cryotherapy & Fitness:... Continue Reading

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