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Groupon Merchant Case Study: Purple Sprout Cafe Was Built with Groupon

Groupon champions small businesses by connecting customers and merchants with their communities through effective local business marketing campaigns. Check out Purple Sprout Cafe and Juice Bar, a local business based in Wheeling, Illinois, that built its business as a... Continue Reading

Grand (Re)Opening Event Ideas for Seasonal Restaurants

When school lets out for summer, the temperatures are up, the sun is shining, and tourism increases dramatically. If you own a seasonal restaurant or other business in a tourist town, then you rely on travelers to support your business during these few months. In... Continue Reading

How to Perfect the 30-Second Small Business Elevator Pitch

The doors close and there you are, standing next to a potential investor as the elevator makes its slow ascent. Your prospective sponsor is a captive audience for the next 30 seconds, before the doors open and the moment passes, maybe forever. Sure, it’s a... Continue Reading

How to Start Loyalty Rewards for Your Restaurant

Besides delicious food, great customer service, a winning ambiance, and the best location, what exactly is in it for your restaurant’s customers? The reality is that restaurants owners and marketing professionals must work extra hard to keep customers returning... Continue Reading

4 Tips for Selling Tickets to Your City Bus Tour

There is so much to see in your city — but how to get people to hop on your bus tour to enjoy it all? Creating a marketing plan for selling tickets for city bus tours is something all bus tour companies should be doing. The height of the season for city bus tours is... Continue Reading

Discover Downtown by Groupon: Highlighting the Best of Beverly

The Discover Downtown Program is a collaboration between Groupon and local business districts that highlights a curated selection of the best things to eat, see, and do in distinct neighborhoods.  Every day, Groupon champions small business by providing an online... Continue Reading

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