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Starting a Car Wash Business

One spot that’s always bustling in every town is the car wash, and starting a car wash is a great way to begin entrepreneurial efforts that can turn into a booming business with many locations. There are more than two billion cars washed in the US, and another... Continue Reading

Starting a Brewery: Equipment List and Pricing

For serious fans of craft beer, starting a brewery can be the ultimate dream. What better business to start with friends—making something you love for you and other beer enthusiasts? In fact, a lot of people are passionate about brewing beer. According to the... Continue Reading

Twitter Chat Roundup: How to Start and Grow a Business

Last week, April 29 to May 4, was National Small Business Week, as donned by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), where outstanding entrepreneurs and small business owners were recognized across all 50 states and U.S. territories. From a national virtual... Continue Reading

How Honest Mechanics Get Customers

Honest mechanics can be hard to find, but once car owners locate one, they’re more likely to stick with them throughout the life of their . While a good marketing strategy is important for attracting customers, mechanics need to prove they can be trusted to do... Continue Reading

Why Startups Are Turning to On-Demand Services: An Industry Review

For entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, on-demand services have become one of the surest avenues to success in today’s business climate. Whatever the industry, from transportation and health care to electronics, cars or food, the popularity of on-demand... Continue Reading

How to Open a Nail Salon: Equipment and Prices

To run a successful nail salon, would-be salon owners need to know how to open a nail salon and establish the right nail salon prices. Fortunately, the business model for salons is fairly straightforward. Like any retail business, you’ll need to start with basic... Continue Reading

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