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US Politics in the Workplace: Tips for Practicing Healthy Political Discussion

Politics in the workplace is about as likely as death and taxes. In other words, political discussion is going to happen, so it’s important for small business owners, managers, and human resource professionals to be prepared. The situation regarding US politics... Continue Reading

The Millennial Generation and Rising Medical Spa Business

Plastic surgeons and medical spa owners are seeing an increase in millennial customers. In fact, the rise in Botox treatments has grown as much as 41% for 19-34 year olds from 2011 and 2015. And while the perception of millennials is often mixed, there is an... Continue Reading

Are Vegetarian Restaurants Becoming More Popular (and Profitable)?

“Excuse me, do you have anything vegetarian on your menu? What about vegan? Is it prepared on a meat-covered grill? Is it delicious and creative?” Chances are you and your employees have been asked any number of these questions, and even more so recently.... Continue Reading

Don’t Sweat Yogi Retention

You love Yoga. You love your studio. You love your students. But unfortunately, you are stretched thin trying to balance attracting new students and retaining your current ones with the same tactics. When it comes to marketing your studio, there are several external... Continue Reading

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