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Top 10 Podcasts for Spa Owners

Owning and operating a spa business can be a challenge, often requiring long hours spent managing staff, juggling finances, caring for customers, and keeping tabs on marketing. At the same time, spa owners need to stay abreast of new developments and insights into the... Continue Reading

Summer 2018 Hair Trends to Try at Your Salon

“I love your haircut! Where did you get it?” Not every small business is lucky enough to have natural advertising walking around town, but the talk only goes so far if your salon isn’t at the forefront of new trends. And hair salon owners and... Continue Reading

Twitter Chat Roundup: Business Success Her Way with SBA

In honor of March being National Women’s Month, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) hosted a live Twitter Chat on March 22 titled Business Success Her Way, honoring women in business. The purpose of the chat was to share tips and resources to help women... Continue Reading

New Ways to Grow Your Med Spa Business

Med spas offer so much to clients, from highly trained aestheticians to the best new technology on the market. But many med spa owners and practitioners find it difficult to attract new clients from their community. To get people to book services, you’ll need to... Continue Reading

Organizational Tips for Running a Business: A Balancing Act for Yoga Studio Owners

Who knew yoga could be so much work? Before many yoga studio owners first opened their businesses, they may not have realized everything it takes to run a successful business. It can be tough to balance teaching classes while keeping the business going, especially... Continue Reading

Are You Outperforming Your Yoga Studio Competition?

Owning a yoga studio is different from overseeing other small businesses, because if you’re not supposed to compete with each other on the mat… how are you supposed to handle yoga studio competition with others? And yet, here we are, trying to pay the bills and... Continue Reading

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