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Five Successful Big Brand Facebook Tactics Any Small Business Can Use

Facebook promotions for small businesses

Facebook promotions for small businesses

As a small business, you can feel at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing, especially on social media. Big brands have entire departments devoted to marketing, and usually a team (or at least one person) who focuses solely on social media.

Because they’re so good at it, it only makes sense to rip a page from the “big brand social media playbook,” doesn’t it? Social Media Examiner recently published a post that covered 10 big brand Facebook tactics, five of which I really, really liked because they will help your fans get involved with your brand and build a stronger connection with you.

Here are five successful big brand Facebook tactics any small business can use:

Crowdsource new product ideas

One of the smartest things any business can do when developing a new product, service, or feature is get feedback – and lots of it – from their customers. If you’re building it for them, you need to make sure they 1 – want it and 2 – like the way it works.

Hence the idea of crowdsourcing new product ideas. You can ask for feedback on Facebook, but you can also ask on Twitter, via your blog, and the other social channels you use.

Have fun

I think “having fun” gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. One way to delight your audience is to make them laugh, so don’t be afraid to be silly – as long as it’s appropriate for your brand. Tell a dumb knock-knock joke that is somehow tied to your business or post a Mad Lib-type sentence and ask your fans to fill in the blanks (maybe offer a prize for the funniest one).

Respond to everyone

People love to know they’re voices are being heard (especially Millenials, who are roughly between the ages of 18 and 35). Respond to every comment on Facebook – as well as every comment on your blog and every mention, DM, and retweet on Twitter. Get a conversation going with your fans, and keep it going. You’ll likely see more people joining in.

Tell stories with short videos

You don’t need to do a big, fancy production. Try creating fun and clever videos using Vine or Instagram that you can also share on Facebook. It has been proven over and over and over that people LOVE videos. It’ll help people get to know you and your brand better, and it’ll really up engagement.

Share images that capture a mood or season

I really liked this idea, as images that capture a mood or season (or even a holiday) evoke a lot of emotion, and people respond to emotion-filled marketing. Photos need not be complicated, but they must be beautiful.

Have you used “big brand” ideas you’ve come across in your own social media marketing? What did you do? How did it work out for you?

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