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Groupon Announces New Apple Watch App

Groupon Apple WatchMaybe you heard our news this week … Groupon has launched a new version of our App that works with the new Apple watch. Our App taps into a customer’s location by way of their connected iPhone, then it uses this awareness to alert the customer to deals available near him or her.

Unlike our mobile application, whose home screen features deals in the customer’s general area – like a city or metro region – the new Watch app instead focuses on those offers that are really, really close to where the customer is at any given moment. The App puts the offers in order according to how close to the local businesses the customer is. Bringing customers right to your front door.

We’re also working on a way to remind customers that their Groupons are expiring, and a way to redeem vouchers via the watch itself.

Stay tuned for more news from Groupon and don’t forget to get your own business on Groupon!

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