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The Groupon Customer

group of friends at restaurantAt Groupon our passion is local business. We work every day to help local businesses grow. But, we couldn’t fulfill our passion without a very specific type of person: The Groupon Customer. We think you’ll like what we’ve discovered about this special person.

Groupon has 24.1 million active customers in North America, nearly 110 million mobile app downloads worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of shoppers in most cities.

  • These customers are looking for new experiences: 60% of customers surveyed were trying a business for the first time.*
  • These customers are loyal: 84% of customers surveyed say they are likely to visit the Groupon merchant again.*
  • These customers are ready to spend: 73% of customers spend more than the value of the Groupon.**
  • These customers are influential: 81% of customers had referred someone to a business they discovered on Groupon.*

These customers are also obviously working well for merchants!

  • Over 80% of Groupon campaigns are profitable immediately.*
  • Over 80% of Groupon merchants said that Groupon increased awareness of their business within the community.**
  • 99% of Groupon merchants maintain or improve their brand perception with deal redeemers.***

So, what are you waiting for? Find out how you can make these fantastic Groupon customers, YOUR customers!

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* Q1 2015 State of the Groupon Merchant Business Study, January 2015 (conducted by Groupon).
**ForeSee Groupon Customer Satisfaction Study (U.S. Only), January 2015 (commissioned by Groupon). Recent purchasers surveyed on most recent Groupon purchase.
***Per company data and estimates based on a representative sample of 9,035 U.S. merchants, including overspend (October 2013–September 2014).
  1. I need groupon services for my beauty salon.

  2. 84% repeat customers..I don’t think so. it is very hard to go from deep discount to paying even for co-pay with health insurance (I’m an acupuncturist).
    I’d say 84% move on to other deal.
    I explain the service to the customer thoroughly, I am friendly and open to questions.
    Those figures seem over inflated to me

    • While I understand your skepticism, our research shows us this pretty consistently. The key is to find ways to turn Groupon customers in to YOUR customers.

  3. Groupon has been amazing for my business!! I can’t thank you enough !!!

  4. Groupon was great for my business and I would definitely recommend using Groupon to boost or start your business. Thank you!

  5. I agree with augusto. I ran a groupon special for my business in South Africa in 2011 and had the same experience. Groupon clients are always looking for deep discounts and will rather go to a new Groupon deal business then return to your business to pay full price.

    Groupon has caused many small business owners to overbook, lack on quality service, and overwork themselves with clients that are just hit and run.

    It is great though for new business exposure. But don’t get your hopes up and think that these customers will become regulars. It does not matter how great your service is or how friendly you are. Dont take it personal.

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