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Groupon LogoWe’ve had an interesting week at Groupon. You may have seen our news about purchasing PrettyQuick, an exciting and innovative company that allows clients to book last minute appointments with salons. But that’s not all we did …

Wondering how a company like Groupon always gets press coverage for announcements like the purchase of PrettyQuick? We write great press releases. You don’t have to have a PR company to write a press release and get attention, check out our newly released, easy to follow Press Release Template.

Over on Breadcrumb we’re celebrating some of our favorite chefs. Check out this interview with Benu’s Corey Lee.

As we mentioned recently, Father’s Day is coming up. Father’s Day is big business and worth taking a look at if you have a business that appeals to dads.  If you’re looking for deals for your own dad, check our Father’s Day collection.

Stay tuned for more great news from Groupon.

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