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Groupon LogoIf you’ve had trouble focusing on your business this week, you aren’t alone. The world’s attention has been on Nepal. At Groupon, we’re encouraging people to donate money to the Red Cross. We hope you’ll consider donating. You might also want to look at some of our previous articles on non-profits.

The world of business does go on though.

We’ve got two great new Built with Groupon videos for you.

Sno Biggie, a New Orleans style ice cream shop in California, was floundering until they discovered Groupon and customers discovered them.

On the other end of the scale (and country) Cactus Salon was a well-established Long Island salon in search of a new batch of customers when they began using Groupon.

In our Small Business Resource Center we look at Geofencing, and how this sophisticate technology can be used by almost any size business.

Your personal life also still goes on. If you haven’t found a Mother’s Day present yet, we suggest you check out our Mother’s Day shop, and soon!

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