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How To Use Facebook Insights To Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

How to use Facebook to improve your marketing strategy

How to use Facebook to improve your marketing strategy

One of my go-to sources of social media marketing information is Social Media Examiner, and they recently published a terrific blog post on using Facebook Insights to improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

I learned a lot about the five most important metrics to track, and how to improve them. Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reached

Compare your Fans Reached percentage to your Engagement and People Talking About percentages. If Fans Reached is low but the other two are high, it means your content is perfectly fine but the posts are not showing up in the news feed of your audience.

What to do: Use promoted posts and sponsored stories to get back in front of your audience.

Organic Reach

Organic Reach and Fan Reach are not the same thing – Fan Reach is part of Organic Reach. Organic Reach represents the number of people who visit your page but are not yet fans.

What to do: If Organic Reach is a lot higher than Fan Reach, be sure to add a Like  box or Facebook call-to-action in your newsletter and on your blog and website.


Engagement refers to viewing a photo, playing a video, or clicking on “like,” “share,” or “comment.” People Talking About refers specifically to likes, shares, and comments. If Engagement is good, but People Talking About is not, you need to tweak your content to generate more interest.

What to do: Ask questions in your posts to spur responses, and track and replicate the content that gets a lot of engagement.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Your CTR percentage is really important – it tracks the number of people who actually click on a link in your posts (to go to a photo, video, your website, etc.). If it’s really low, you need to step up your game.

What to do: Publish more high-quality photos and videos that your audience will be excited to click on.

Viral Reach

Viral reach is the number of non-fans you reach based on your fans liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts. It’s a really, good thing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find this metric – you need to look under the Key Metrics tab for Lifetime Post Viral Reach. Because shares are considered more important by EdgeRank, you want to increase those over likes and comments (and yes, they are harder to get!).

What to do: Study the content that has been shared to figure out what your audience finds most valuable, and work to replicate that success.

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