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I Feel… Handsome

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Men are more often pursuing traditionally female activities in the health & wellness sphere.

Many people assume that women are only the ones who worry about appearance issues including wrinkles and waist sizes, but men aren’t immune to these concerns. In fact, men today are far more comfortable participating in what were once considered female pursuits, such as practicing yoga, going to the spa, or splurging on a good anti-aging cream.

The annual SpaFinder Wellness Trend Report reveals that men’s spa treatments have been bumped out of niche market status and into one of 2013’s top trends. Gone are the days of the so-called “metrosexual.” The report says: “It’s not just more culturally acceptable for men to spend on looking good, it’s becoming perceived as a necessity.”

Mintel, a leading market-research company, released findings last summer that suggest that salons and spas should target younger men. The report shows that 25% of men ages 18–34 have had manicures or pedicures, and 38% have had a facial or body treatment. Furthermore, men who do get spa services may spend more money and seek treatments more often than their female counterparts. For example, 39% of men who have had a facial continue to do so once a week, as compared to 6% of women who have had a facial. Additionally, men who get manicures spend an average of about $37 on the service, as opposed to women, who typically spend about $23.

One way to attract male clients is by adding masculine touches to traditional services. The Denver Post blog reported that a spa in Vail, Colorado, is offering male-targeted treatments that take advantage of the minerals and antioxidants in beer, and SpaTrade.com points out that couples packages are also a great opportunity to attract new male clients via existing clientele.


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