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Keywords and SEO Are Still an Essential Way to Promote Your Business

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Running a small business has changed a lot in the past few years. It used to be a slower-paced process to take a business from humble beginnings to a fully-staffed medium-sized business. Today, you can promote your business by using social media, SEO, relevant keywords, and e-commerce to help grow your revenues in just a few short months. Let’s learn how and why SEO rocks.

Why SEO Still Matters

The fact is this: SEO (search engine optimization) matters greatly in winning new customers. Using relevant keywords can increase your rank in search listings and help you reach customers who are looking for your products and services. The customer benefits, too—when your local business knows what your customers want, using keywords can drive high-value content to these customers. Better yet, SEO can ultimately do a number of good things for your business, including building your brand, expanding your reach, and growing your revenues.

Social Networks’ Growth

Some web futurists think that SEO’s value is overrated with the growth of social media networks and content marketing in recent years. Part of that is true. Nowadays, consumers are often relying on their friends and friends’ social networks for information once found solely through search engines. But the secret is not one or the other; rather it’s a mix of SEO, keywords, and new forms of social.

The game changer in 2015-2016 has been the growth of small business content marketing in small business marketing. Creating articles, videos, infographics and other high-quality content on your site shows that your brand can grow and win new customers. This quality content provides extra value for current customers and instills confidence in potential customers. Previously, users would find your SMB site from keywords alone. But today, the mix of relevant keywords, high-quality content marketing, and extensive social media outreach can have a dramatic impact on your business fortunes.

Keyword Tools

If you run a small business, you naturally want to learn how customers find your site or place of business. The way to do this is to seek out and learn what your potential customers are searching for on Google. Once you have this information, you can create high-quality content matched with your business keywords to bring these customers to your website.

Two of these tools can help SMB owners to develop content. One is Keywordtool.io and the other is Keyword.io. Both internet tools can help you find relevant keywords that people search for about your business in Google and other search engines. Simply plug in some of the phrases you use to market your business, and use the results and similar phrases in your content marketing and social media hashtags.

Using this keyword information about your business, competitors, industry, products, and more—and using it consistently—in your SEO practices will certainly make a difference over a 3-6-9 month period.

Mobile and E-Commerce

Your mobile SEO can grow too, especially with the growth of voice text and voice search technology (using your phone’s mic to speak search phrases). Business site owners should know that their desktop sites need to be set up for mobile access. More than half the world’s population is on a smartphone now, and more of us are using mobile search to eat at new restaurants, shop at cool stores, and find new places to play.

If you’re ready to promote your business and stay on top of the fast changes in consumer behavior, then it’s crucial to continue using SEO and keywords, along with mobile and e-commerce partnerships.

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Dave Murrow HeadshotAbout the Author:

Dave Murrow is Chief Content Officer for ThinkFast Media. In his work, he creates content for technology and business companies, and national content platforms. He’s worked on the Web for years in marketing communications roles for major corporations, media outlets, and digital marketing agencies. Find him on Twitter at @DMurrow.

Any views, opinions, advice, or endorsements herein are the author’s and are not necessarily the views of Groupon or its partners.

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