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Should Your Franchise Use Groupon

Businesswoman Writing a Word Cloud of Franchise on WhiteboardOwning a franchise is a unique business experience and many franchise owners find themselves looking for advice that’s tailored directly to them. That’s why we were so excited recently to come across this interesting article by franchise consultant George Knauf.

In it, Knauf recommends Groupon for three kinds of franchise businesses:

  • Retail and restaurant
  • Higher ticket services (e.g. automotive and home repair)
  • Membership services (e.g. fitness and spa services)

He also echoes some of our favorite advice, such as:

  • “It is important to brief your staff on the program and to make sure they are looking for the Groupon guests.  Make sure your new guests get the most value out of the experience, get their feedback and keep inviting them back.”
  • “You will want to track Groupon users to know how often they visit your business and how long you retain them if it is a class or membership offering.”
  • Along with gathering emails, also work on a plan to get referrals from them.”

You can read the complete article here and get a start on owning or growing your own franchise with this exclusive Groupon offer for consulting services from My Perfect Franchise.

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  1. I think using Groupon is a good idea for any business, including franchises.

  2. This a great, simple read for someone looking to find the right coupon service for a franchise. Everyone is looking for a way to save a few dollars here and there these days!

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