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What Small Business Owners Wish You Knew

business news roundupThis week is National Small Business Week. At Groupon we honor small businesses all the time, but it can’t hurt to give them a little extra love this week. We asked some owners of small businesses what they wish non-business owners knew. See if any of their thoughts ring true to you.

Monika Jansen, Jansen Communications
Being your own boss is awesome. Working from home is awesome. Being able to fire clients who are poopy-heads is awesome. But it can be VERY not awesome. Clients who don’t pay their bills on time is not awesome. Making time for back-end stuff (marketing, accounting, etc.) when you’re super busy with work is not awesome. Taxes? Definitely not awesome. Despite the non-awesome moments, I wouldn’t trade owning a small business for the world.

Karter Louis, Hillbilly Tea
I wish customers knew how important their feedback is. One of the great things about being small is that we can make changes. If you don’t have a great experience, tell us, we can fix it, or at least think about how to make it better for next time.

Debbie McCann, Partner, W4Sight
Owners wear all the hats – we do sales, we deliver the services, we send you the invoice.  So please be respectful of our time.  We are happy to have a productive discussion with you to discuss your potential project, but we can’t spend more time on sales than we do on delivery.

Reva Minkoff, Founder and President, Digital4Startups
It’s always easier said than done.

Beth Warrell Leistensnider, Catbird Baby
I love being able to provide great customer service, but sometimes I wish people realized that with a small business it’s all one person. You don’t need to send me an email, leave a comment on my website, tweet me, and post on my FB page. It’s all going to the same place – me!

Ruth Levitt Scott, Cupcakes by Ruth
I wish my customers and potential clients could know how much it means to me when they enjoy my cupcakes and make a referral.  To them it’s a little something delicious and they tell their friends about the experience.  To me those little cuppys represent hours perfecting recipes, carefully thought out designs, some successful marketing and living a dream that even my teenage daughter takes pride in.  I truly get a kick out of sharing cupcake love!  Maybe that’s what people taste?!?

Nora Brathol, Founder, Arka Pana Consulting
Don’t drink and write Yelp reviews.

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