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How to Get Customer Feedback in Your Groupon Merchant Center

Customer feedback is an important tool in growing your business. A great piece of customer feedback gives you insight into the side of your business that you can never truly experience yourself as the owner or manager. It tells you what you’re doing right and what you... Continue Reading

How to Create a CSR Strategy for Your Local Business

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Some think of it as a tenet of big business, charitable giving or worse, a marketing strategy, but CSR is much bigger. If managed carefully, a good CSR strategy can be an effective brand-building tool for both the Davids... Continue Reading

How to Handle a Social Media Crisis

People love to complain – they always have. Unfortunately, in the digital age, their complaints can be amplified – quickly. Or turned into videos that go viral, like United Breaks Guitars. Don’t let that happen to you. Here’s how to handle a social media crisis before... Continue Reading

The Truth About Online Reviews and Their Effect On Consumers

How many people look for reviews online? What do they find? What do they do with the information? PeopleClaim decided to investigate, and, lucky for us, they complied the results in an infographic, The Review of Reviews. Here are the highlights: Reviews generate a lot... Continue Reading

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