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The Owner of a Small Jewelry Company Gets Inspired

Jewelry ownerInternational Women’s Day was on March 8 this year, but we don’t think one day is enough! In partnership with our Women at Groupon team, we’re celebrating IWD by featuring women in small business on the GrouponWorks blog all week. Stay tuned to learn more from women entrepreneurs who inspire us!

Q&A with Melissa Kim, Owner of Mas Femme

GrouponWorks: When did you launch Mas Femme and what inspired you to start your business?

Kim: Mas Femme recently launched as an online jewelry boutique at the end of December 2014. I have known that I wanted to start my own business for a long time now – the idea of executing my own vision from start to end has always been intriguing to me, and last year I was finally in a place where I could pursue it fully.  Fashion has had a large presence in my life, both personally and professionally, and I was inspired to create a place where women could find those extra essentials, those accessories that pull together your look and make you feel ready to walk out that door in confidence. Wearing beautiful jewelry has always made me feel like the most feminine version of myself – this feeling is the idea Mas Femme was created on and named after.

GW: What were the biggest challenges getting set up?

Kim: I would say the biggest challenge in getting set up, was finding the right people to work with that I could trust to help me fulfill the vision I had for my brand. From suppliers, to manufacturers, to web developers, it was a long process to find the right team that could meaningfully contribute in building my company. Entering into working relationships with someone you don’t know is always a huge leap of faith, but also incredibly rewarding once you see everything falling in to place.

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GW: What challenges are you seeing in your first year of business?

Kim: Getting exposure for the brand and traffic to the website is definitely a challenge. We are in the technology age where we’re oversaturated with information flying at us from every direction, so reaching and standing out to our target consumer is a goal we set each and every day.

GW: What small business tools are working for you right now?

Kim: I use Woo Commerce as my e-commerce platform, and MailChimp for my email marketing, among other online tools for the website.


GW: What’s your social media strategy? How important is it to your business and your brand?

Kim: Social media is definitely important to my business and brand. I find social media to be a huge part of branding yourself today and an integral step in creating a cohesive story for your business. Our social media strategy is to provide meaningful and creative content that is visually appealing to our followers. A great aspect of social media is that we can directly communicate and obtain feedback from our customers while staying a part of their daily lives.

GW: How do you think your background in PR has helped you?

Kim: Everything I have done professionally up to this point has helped me tremendously, especially my background in public relations. My experience in fashion PR has helped shape my strategy for getting my business off the ground – from creating my lookbook, brainstorming for creative collaborations, pitching my product to editors, to overall branding.

GW: How do you envision the company growing in the next few months?
Kim: I see Mas Femme expanding our team to include editorial talent so we can provide our consumers with consistent styling content, as well as introducing a new collection with our favorite trends for this upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 season.

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