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Tips from a Groupon Marketing Analyst and Entrepreneur

Taylor Zitman's claymation.

Taylor Zitman’s claymation.

In addition to working as a marketing analyst here at Groupon, I also run my own small business where I create, market, and sell whimsical claymation-like sculpted figures. What started out as a passionate endeavor at the age of 8 quickly turned into a thriving small business when I was 15, and I continued to develop the enterprise into what it is today: TNZsculptures. I’ve been able to establish an online presence, expand my reach, and make my business stand out by using my marketing skills and social media tools and by getting to know my consumers.

Here are a few small-business marketing tips based on my experience with TNZsculptures:

Online and Social Media

Social media and online resources have really helped to make TNZsculptures successful. I have used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and several other social media sites to get my business out there, which has driven traffic and sales to my site. Selling my work at online marketplaces such as Etsy has also been a great source of exposure. Not only has it expanded my customer base to a national and international market, but Etsy has also helped my business gain recognition in local and national press. Some of these press mentions created a bit of a viral effect and exposed my work to a vast audience in a very short amount of time.


Knowing my demographic has also been key to identifying best practices and actuating sales for my business. By using analytical skills similar to the ones I use day-to-day here at Groupon, I’ve been able to dive more deeply into who my consumers are, where they come from, and what they respond to. Pinpointing these factors has given me insight into what grabs their attention and engages them.


Standing out in an already overly saturated Internet retail world has been another important component of my business’s success. When it comes to establishing my business as a unique brand, smaller details, such as what I write in my listing copy and what my website looks like, are just as important as my actual product. To get a good idea of what’s already out there and what I need to do differently, I follow industry research, keep an eye on what my competition is doing, and watch evolving trends. Taking all these elements into consideration, I’ve created a cohesive brand that is uniquely mine.

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