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Twelve Surprising Ways Color Influences Marketing

How does your choice of color in branding influence your customers' decisions?

How does your choice of color in branding influence your customers’ decisions?

How many forms of communications can you name? Speaking, texting, emailing, writing (on paper), painting, drawing, sculpting – the list could go on. What about color?

Color is a widely used form of non-verbal communication, just like body language, and because color evokes emotions, it plays a big role in marketing.

Here are 12 surprising ways that color influences marketing, thanks to two infographics: the Color Emotion Guide from The Logo Company and How Do Colors Affect Purchases? from Kissmetrics:

  1. Yellow = optimism, clarity, and warmth. Often used to grab attention of window shoppers.
  2. Orange = friendly, cheerful, and confidence. Great to use in a call-to-acton to buy or subscribe.
  3. Red = excitement, youthful, and bold. Creates urgency, hence it’s used for clearance sales.
  4. Pink = romantic and feminine. Used to market to women and girls.
  5. Purple = creative, imaginative, and wise. Often used for beauty or anti-aging products.
  6. Blue = trust, dependable, and strength. Used by banks – and Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  7. Green = peaceful, growth, and health. Used to create a relaxing feeling in stores.

Neutral (gray, black, white) = balance and calm. Black is also considered powerful and sleek and used to market luxury products.

  • 93% of shoppers rely on visual appearance when shopping
  • 85% said color is the reason they purchase something
  • 80% of brand recognition is based on color

Color also attracts different types of buyers:

  • Red-orange, black, and royal blue attract impulse shoppers
  • Navy blue and teal attract buyers on a budget
  • Pink, sky blue, and rose attract traditional buyers

Does the color you use in your branding send the right message? Why or why not?

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