Swipe and Grow with Groupon+

Attract and engage restaurant consumers with Groupon+, an easy-to-use cash back program.

How Groupon+ Works

You create a Groupon+ campaign on Groupon

We market the campaign to Groupon+ customers

Groupon+ customers spend at your business and get cash back automatically¹

Strong Return on Investment

Marketing that works with no upfront cost. On average, Groupon+ merchants make nearly $4 per $1 spent.²

Illustration of Groupon+ Return on Investment

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Convert customers into regulars with a cash back, voucherless program that gives them an incentive to return.

Illustration of Groupon+ Customer Retention

Flexible Pricing

Pay only for purchases at pricing that meets your business needs. Set the discount you want to offer.

Illustration of Groupon+ Flexible Pricing

Customer Acquisition

Get discovered by the largest customer base in local businesses, with almost 30 million active users in North America.³

Illustration of Groupon+ Customer Acquisition

Automatic and Easy

No training or vouchers needed—Groupon+ customers swipe their eligible, enrolled Visa or Mastercard credit card and we take care of the rest.

Illustration of Groupon+ Automatic and Easy

1 Note that cash back is awarded in the form of statement credits 2 Actual return on ad spend = $3.84 and is based on internal Groupon data of 1000+ merchants with campaigns longer than three months (as of October 2017). ROAS calculated by merchant revenue attributable to a Groupon campaign divided by merchant cost of advertising when running a Groupon campaign. 3 Groupon Public Fact Sheet, Q2 2017.

Everyday savings for anytime customers.

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