Frequently Asked Questions About Working with Groupon

How Do I Sell on Groupon?
It’s easy to start growing your business with Groupon:

  1. Provide your business info at
  2. Create your campaign. Depending on your business, you may be able to start creating your own offer with the Groupon Deal Builder, or a Groupon representative may contact you directly to work on your offer with you.
  3. Optimize your Groupon campaigns for the best results. Groupon has a lot of options for different business types and customer needs, including local marketing campaigns, online ordering for delivery and takeout, easy online booking, and customizable business listings.
  4. Prepare your business and staff using the prep materials Groupon will send you.
  5. When customers start coming in, use your GrouponMerchant Center or our mobile app for iOS and Android to redeem customer Groupons and track your customers’ bill totals.

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Local Deals (3)

  • How much does it cost to run a Local Deal campaign?

    One of the major benefits of working with Groupon is that there is no upfront cost to running a Local Deal. Instead, Groupon charges a marketing fee for the promotion of your offer. The specific marketing fee varies based on your industry and market, as well as consumer demand for your offer.

    From time to time, Groupon uses incentive programs such as promo codes and dynamic pricing to boost consumer demand for offers in our marketplace. To continue offering this marketing support, Groupon may recover the cost of these promotions from participating merchants.

  • Can I limit the number of Groupons sold?

    Yes! To make sure your campaign meets your goals, we can work with you to set a limit on the number of units you make available on Groupon. As your offer sells in our marketplace, your inventory of available units will automatically reset on a monthly basis. If you do not have a monthly reset as part of your deal, your offer will only sell up to the limit you’ve set.

  • What happens when a customer's Groupon expires?

    Even though Groupons expire, many customers will still be interested in experiencing what your business has to offer. Each Groupon has both a paid value (the amount the customer paid) and a promotional value (the amount the customer receives as part of the deal).

    Expiration dates only apply to the promotional value—the paid value never expires (except on certain ticketed event offers, such as GrouponLive offers). After the promotional value expiration date, customers can still redeem the Groupon for at least the paid value.* For example, if a customer paid $15 for a Groupon worth $30 at your business, he or she can still redeem it for at least $15 after the promotional value expiration date.

    Continue to redeem any expired Groupons using your preferred redemption method. That way, you’ll be able to continue using your Merchant Center to gather customer feedback and get an accurate look at your campaign’s results.

    *Always refer to your Merchant Agreement for redemption rules specific to your Groupon campaign.

Online Booking (3)

  • How much does it cost to fill appointments on Groupon?

    Groupon’s online booking service comes at no additional cost as long as you run a Local Deal. To continue participating, you must also respond to customers’ appointment requests in a timely manner.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the costs of running a Local Deal, please check the Local Deal section of our FAQs.

  • What third-party platforms work with Groupon online booking?

    Groupon online booking currently integrates with Genbook, Xola, and Booker. We’re working to expand our third-party integrations to serve you better.

  • How do I update my appointment availability?

    You can update your bookable hours whenever a Groupon representative calls you to confirm an appointment request. You can also make adjustments by emailing at any time.

In-Store Pickup (5)

  • Am I a good fit for in-store pickup on Groupon?

    As long as you have a non-residential/non-industrial storefront where a customer can pick up his or her products, then an in-store pickup campaign could be right for you.

  • How much does it cost to run a deal with in-store pickup?

    There’s no upfront cost to creating an in-store pickup offer. When a customer makes a purchase, Groupon will charge a flat-rate marketing fee based on the sell price of the item(s) sold.

  • How long do customers have to pick up their purchases?

    Customers have 30 days from the time they purchase your items on Groupon to visit your store and pick them up. If customers do not pick up their purchases within 30 days, then Groupon will automatically issue a refund and the item(s) will become available for purchase by another customer.

  • How many units do I need to list for each product?

    Please try and have at least 10 units available per SKU featured on your offer. This inventory can be updated at any time if you would like to sell more items. All we ask is that you set the inventory aside to save it for Groupon customers. It is also recommended to limit each offer to two to six SKUs at a time.

  • How are returns handled?

    We follow whatever the standard return policy is for your store. If a return does take place, simply notify us that the product has been returned and we will refund the customer.

Groupon Getaways (3)

  • How much does it cost to run a Getaways campaign?

    There is no upfront cost to run an offer Groupon Getaways. Groupon charges its marketing fee only after a customer purchases your offer. The specific marketing fee may vary depending on the structure of the campaign you create with your Getaways representative.

  • How do I provide my room availability?

    If your offer includes the option for customers to book directly on Getaways, you will be able to view and adjust your upcoming room allotments and rates on a weekly basis using the Getaways Extranet.

  • How can I view my upcoming bookings?

    If your offer includes the option for customers to book directly on Getaways, you will be able to use the Getaways Extranet to view a list of all bookings made through the Getaways platform. You can also view a breakdown of net rates, taxes, and fees—all in the same place.

GrouponLive (3)

  • How will Groupon promote my events?

    Groupon will provide a customized mix of online, mobile, and email promotion to customers who are likely to buy tickets for your events, based on demographics, location, and more.

  • What ticketing options are available?

    Will Call: Customers will visit your box office to exchange their Groupons for tickets.

    G-Pass: Customers will be able to skip the box office at Ticketmaster venues and use the Groupon itself as a ticket for a specific date, time, and seat.

    FlexPass: Customers will be able to present their Groupons for admission on any day and time within a range you set.

    GrouponLive is also integrated with several top ticketing systems to meet your needs. Ask your GrouponLive representative for more details.

  • Can I limit the number of tickets sold?

    Yes! Not only can you limit the total number of tickets sold, you can also choose to limit sales to specific seating sections, dates, and times.

Groupon Pages (3)

  • How do I customize my Groupon Page?

    After claiming your Groupon Page, you will receive an email directing you to log in to your Groupon Merchant Center to update your information.

    After logging in to your Merchant Center, click the “Pages” tab at the top of the screen. Then click “Manage page” on the page you want to edit. On the screen that follows, you can adjust your business name, address, and hours of operation by clicking “Edit” under each field on the right side of the screen. You can also upload images to represent your business, set a cover image, upload a menu, and create your business description.

  • Does claiming my Groupon Page affect my SEO?

    With Google and other search engines prioritizing local businesses in search engine results pages (SERP), ensuring that your local business sends strong SEO signals can be critical to getting found online. Claiming your business page on authoritative business directories, such as Groupon Pages, helps to boost the SEO signals that you are a local business in a few ways:

    • It helps to validate your business’ name, address and phone number.
    • It encourages customer engagement through reviews, ratings, and feedback. This engagement helps to form your online reputation, a factor that Google uses in your search engine results page ranking.
    • It generates high-quality links from trusted websites to yours.
    • It helps generate referred traffic to your website.

    It must be said that Google and other search engines use more than 200 ranking factors to determine the results that show up for any given query. In the age of personalization, localization, and machine-learning, it’s impossible to say with certainty what specific factors will cause your site to rise to the top. However, for the reasons stated above, we believe that claiming and customizing your Groupon Page—and other local directory pages—helps send a positive message to search engines that has historically helped improve rankings.

  • How will customers discover my Groupon Page?

    Customers will be able to discover your Groupon Page by searching for your exact business name on Groupon. They will also be able to find it by searching for your business on search engines, especially when searching for “Groupon + <<your business name>>.”

Merchant Tools (3)

  • Where do I go to learn more about my Groupon customers?

    After logging in to your Groupon Merchant Center, you will be at the main dashboard for your account. Here you can view a quick breakdown of Groupons sold and redeemed, your most recent payments, sales trends, and customer feedback. To view your customer data, click “Impact Report” on the left-hand menu. Please note that Goods and Getaways merchants will not see an option for the Impact Report.

    On the Impact Report, you will see two options, “Impressions” and “Customers.”

    Under the Impressions section, you can find data about how many email impressions you’ve received and the age, gender, and locations of customers who have purchased your offer.

    The Customers section provides information on Groupon customers who have redeemed your offer. Use this section to discover how many customers were new to your business and whether they say they would recommend you to a friend.

    To view your customer feedback in depth, click “Feedback” in the left-hand menu. In this section, you can read comments collected in the survey Groupon sends to customers who have redeemed your offer. You can also respond to these comments, share them on social, and export or print them to show your business’s staff and decision-makers.

  • How does Groupon collect feedback from customers?

    Customers who have purchased and redeemed your Groupon offer can leave feedback that will appear in your Merchant Center. If they have not opted-out, these customers will receive and be encouraged to fill out email survey soon after redeeming your offer. You can find their responses at the bottom of your Merchant Center homepage.

  • How do I reset my Merchant Center password?

    To reset your password, visit On the login screen, click “Forgot your password?” Then, enter the email address associated with your Merchant Center and click Reset. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

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