Sponsored Campaigns

Boost Your Campaign to the Top for Improved Performance

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Drive More Sales with Sponsored Campaigns

You’ve crafted attractive deal options and set up the perfect Groupon campaign for your business — why not maximize its performance by giving it more exposure? With Sponsored Campaigns, your campaign will be featured in key locations to increase visibility and bring in more customers.
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Gain a Competitive Advantage

Jump ahead of any competitors. Potential customers see your offer first, ahead of anyone else.


Increase Sales Opportunities

It’s hard for customers to miss these prominent placements — and they’ll see your deal while in a buying state of mind.


Target Customers Most Likely to Buy

Our intelligent platform analyzes purchase history, keyword searches, and more to target your campaign to the right customers.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Sponsored Campaigns are currently available to all local US merchants. If you’re running at least one active Groupon campaign, sign in to your Merchant Center account and access the Sponsored Campaigns tab to select a campaign and get started.

How It Works

Sponsored Campaigns is a pay-for-performance platform with a Cost-Per-Click model. You set your budget and select the campaign you want prominently featured, and we handle the rest.

Simple to Set Up

You pick the campaign you want to promote and how much you want to budget. From there, we'll optimize and execute your campaign.

Personalized and Relevant

We use data to boost relevance and engagement. That means more sales, so it's more cost-effective for you.

Detailed ROI Data

Our dashboard shows you how your ad is performing. See impressions, clicks, sales, and ROI, based on 1-to-1 attribution and a 30-day conversion window.

More Tools and Insights for Your Business

Groupon has worked with over a million businesses, and we’ve seen what does and doesn’t help them grow and succeed. Get those insights, as well as guides to using our tools, recommendations for other tech solutions, and more, by visiting the Groupon Merchant resource center below.

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Reach Further and Win More Customers

Sponsored Campaigns help you increase your visibility, build your brand, and drive more sales. Become a Groupon Merchant to get started.