Ooma Telo Free and Premier Subscription Features

Free Subscription:

Free U.S. Calling
Call anyone, anywhere in the U.S. Pay only applicable taxes and fees.

Bundled calling features
Enjoy the convenience of caller-ID and call-waiting— at no extra charge.

Access your voicemail remotely from any phone or web browser.

One-Touch Voicemail access
Check messages directly from Ooma Telo.

The utmost voice clarity
Get crisp acoustic performance and reliability with PureVoice HD technology

A new number for most U.S. area codes
Pick out some new digits for the area code of your choosing. So if you feel like going with a 415 instead of a 510, we’ve got your number.

Easy setup
Ooma is a highly intuitive setup. Most customers are up and making free calls in less than 15 minutes.

911 Service
When you dial 911, emergency personnel will automatically have your registered address.

Low cost international calling
Make international calls for less than a penny per minute.

My Ooma
Hear messages, check call logs and control your preferences online.

Online call log
Check your calling history from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Free in-network calling
Call another Ooma customer anywhere in the world for free.

Dect 6.0 Support for Ooma Telo Handset
Get superb sound quality, security and range without interfering with your WiFi network or other home electronics.

Advanced network/firewall configuration
Ooma is a high-performance firewall router, with QoS support, that allows you to setup home-based servers and other network devices.

Link your mobile phone to your Ooma Telo using the Ooma Bluetooth adapter ($29.99). Just plug the adapter into the USB port on your Ooma Telo, link your mobile phone or headset, and you're ready to go!

Plug in the Ooma Wireless Adapter ($49.99) and unplug your Ooma Telo so you can place it anywhere in range of your wireless network.

Premier Subscription:

Advanced Calling
Take advantage of these highly evolved phone features.

Instant Second Line™ (with Ooma Handset, not included)
Make or take a second call without missing a beat. Let’s say you’ve got a teen who's always on the phone. Not a problem. With Ooma’s Instant Second Line feature, all you have to do is go to another Ooma Telo Handset in the house, pick it up, and you’ve got a fresh Ooma dial tone.

Three-Way Conferencing
Whether you’re doing business or chatting with friends, three-way conference calling has never been easier.

Ensure you never miss a call by configuring your Ooma system to simultaneously ring or forward to your mobile phone.

Back-up Number
Don't miss a call even if your Internet is on the fritz. We'll forward calls to your backup number.

Google Voice Extensions
Experience the goodness of Google Voice on your Ooma system. We've simplified and enhanced the experience, so now you can access Google Voice's Voicemail, Call Presentation, Listen In, and Caller-ID features – all with the press of a button.

Free calling to the provinces of Canada
Got friends in Canada? Now you can talk to your heart’s content. As a Premier subscriber calls to Canada are free (excluding the 867 calling area).

Enhanced Voicemail
Get the message more ways than one.

Do Not Disturb
Get some peace and quiet whenever you want by simply pressing the envelope icon for two seconds. All of your calls will roll into voicemail without ringing.

Send to Voicemail
Transfer a call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button any time after you say hello.

Call Screening
If you don’t recognize the caller ID, just listen to their message through the speaker. If it turns out you want to take the call, just pick up the phone.

Voicemail Forwarding
Enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your voicemail messages forwarded to your email. Now you can listen to messages from your favorite mobile or desktop email client.

Read your voicemail instead of listening to it. Get your messages wherever there's email access—on a mobile phone, portable device or computer. Ooma Voicemail-to-Text service is available to Ooma Premier subscribers only for $9.99 per month. This plan includes 40 messages; additional messages are $0.25 each.

Personal Blacklist
Stop unwanted callers in their tracks by blocking certain callers or sending them directly to voicemail.

Community Blacklist
Give spammers the Heisman by blocking annoying, unwanted solicitors.

Caller Name
See the name of callers, even if they're not in your address book.

Anonymous Call Reject
Automatically block anonymous incoming calls.

911 Notifications – New!
No one likes to think about home emergencies but if emergency services are called you'll be the first to know with our 911 Notifications feature. Enter up to 3 email addresses or mobile phone numbers and you'll be alerted by email or text message the very moment a 911 call is made from your Ooma phone number.

Personal Number
With Ooma Premier, choose a second number anywhere in the US. Decide whether you want your number to ring and leave voicemail on all phones or just your personal Ooma device. You can choose up to nine numbers (additional monthly fee applies).

Private Voicemail
With Ooma Premier, make any Ooma device a private extension with a password-protected voicemail account. You can also set up personal greetings, customize privacy settings, and control your voicemail notification or forwarding.

Transfer Your Number
If you want to keep your current number, Ooma will transfer your number for your current phone provider for free

Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to any number—to your cell phone—so you never miss a call.

Ooma Mobile iPhone App
Ooma Premier customers using the Ooma Mobile iPhone app receive 250 minutes of U.S. calling for free every month.