Nice, waiting for it :)

shirley t.

so does one have to get all five at once, or can they be used to get one at a time?

Pamela S.

I see in the conditions that you can only rent one movie at a time so it’s good for 5 separate visits, if you try to use 2 codes on one visit, you won’t be allowed to…what it also says is it’s NOT good for Hot List Items..so I looked that up..this is what that is:

BLOCKBUSTER Express is bringing you the choice of renting select new releases in four test markets, 28 days before you can get them at other DVD rental kiosks. Customers in San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, and Phoenix can now rent Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and The A-Team.

So I guess the groupon isn’t good for all movies until after the it’s been released in all markets.

Nicole W.

This would be an awesome deal, however there is only one problem… I have never seen a Blockbuster Express Kiosk in my area. I live ins central Mississippi, and all I have around me are the Redbox Kiosk. So it doesn’t make much sense for me to grab this deal and that really sucks. I LOVE watching movies.

Donna C.

It says we’re supposed to get 5 codes to use on 5 separate rentals, but I just clicked print and there’s only 1 promotional code listed.

What’s going on? Help!

Lee J.

Hey Donna!
Sorry if that is confusing- the promotional code (found in the bottom right of your voucher) is the 5 codes – each code is 5 letters and #’s separated by dashes.

So for example, if the promotional code is abc12-def34-ghi56-jkl78-lmn90 your 1st code to enter for your 1st rental would be abc12.

Hope that helps!
Thanks and enjoy!
Lee with Groupon

Donna C.

Oh, I see! Thank you so much for the quick response, Lee! I appreciate it & am looking forward to using these – I love Blockbuster Express. :)

James C.

I current do not have a membership. So do you have to be a member to use the kiosk?

Gail K.

I am in Maryland is this Blockbuster Express Deal valid for my state?

charlie a.

If you’re not in the far northeast of the US, be careful before buying to make sure you have boxes near you: http://www.blockbusterexpress.com/find-kiosk

Lee mentioned it in a comment, and it’s also mentioned on the front page. Still, some may miss it.

This offer showed up as a “nearby deal” for me (in Atlanta). Yet when I used the search page, not only were there none within 50 miles of me, but the map shown made it seem pretty clear that they exist only in the far northeast US.

If anyone from Groupon or Blockbuster wants to correct any mistaken assumption I’m making, feel free. But the bottom line is that purchasers really should be careful to make sure they can use this before buying.

It was a seemingly awesome deal, so I’m sorry I can’t take advantage of it. :-)

Sharon M.

The Kiosk Finder shows that there is a kiosk “coming soon” to the Food Lion in Cookeville, TN.
Question: How long will these be good for? Is there an expiration date? It wouldn’t make much sense to buy now and hang onto them until the kiosk arrives here if the coupons will expire before then.

Donna C.

I agree everyone should double-check to make sure there are kiosks in their area before purchasing, but there are a lot of them all over the country, not just in the northeastern US as was mentioned above.

There are a ton here in SC near me and I did some random zip code searches – there are 5 pages of them listed for Beverly Hills, CA…5 pages listed for Atlanta, GA….2 pages for Oklahoma City, OK…1 page for Des Moines, IA…2 pages for Chicago, IL. In other words, they are all over the country. Do your own research before purchasing!

Sharon M.

I found the expiration date in the deal description. Wish there were some way to know if the kiosk will be set up at my local Food Lion before then.

Michelle W.

How many can be purchased as gifts? Thanks.

For the commenter claiming there are none in the Atlanta area, you are not correct. There is one a few blocks north of me at the Quiktrip on Briarcliff, so I know they do exist here.

And I know without looking that there is one in Douglasville and one in Villa Rica as I have used them.

Lauren P.

Can they be used tonight? I know some deals make you wait until the next day.

charlie a.

OK, I can now issue a retraction (and explanation) of my earlier observation that there were no boxes within 50 miles of me in Atlanta, and that it seemed there none anywhere other than the US Northeast.

For those interested in what misled me (especially anyone at BlockBuster responsible for the finder site), I can explain what happened.

I visited the finder site again just now, to double check how I could have gotten things wrong (based on the comments above) and I see now that it still showed the value I’d entered before: and i had mistakenly entered only 4 of the 5 digits for my zip code (I have three zeros and left out one). Doh!

Perhaps the site could validate for that, but perhaps it’s a “feature”, as I will explain.

As for why I thought it seemed there were none other than in the northeast US, you can see for yourself. Enter what I had: 3005 (rather than 30005), and you’ll see as I did that the map that appears is zoomed way out (to the middle of the Atlantic!) and shows on the left that the only icons for the boxes on the map are in that US northeast, even if you slide the map to the left over more of the US.

On reflection now, I would be willing to bet that it took my 4 digits as being the first 4 digits of a zip, and was showing me locations that were in zips in the US that started with those values.

So sorry for the confusion, folks. Hope that explains it.

I did hedge my first comment and ask that if anyone could refute my claim, would they please do so. Thanks for getting me to check again, folks.

Colleen R.

Hey guys, thanks so much for all of your interest in Groupon and Blockbuster Express.

Lauren W. : Yes, you can use these tonight.

Aidan: Thank you, we are in many Quik Trip, Publix and Rite Aid stores in Atlanta.

Sharon M.: Working on getting an answer for you on the Cookeville kiosk.

Charlie: Thank you for posting the link – we are

To find a kiosk, please go here:

Have a great night everyone.

Colleen R.
Blockbuster Express

Jack L.

I’m looking on their website and am wondering how do you distinguish between a ‘HOT LIST’ item?

Are all new releases ‘hot’? Can someone please clarify this for me!

This doesn’t include blu-ray. PASS.

Kim L.

If I buy this as a gift for a friend, but they purchased one for themselves, will they still be able to use the one I bought them as a gift also?

Gail K.

I have Kiosks in my town in Maryland, so I can purchase this and be able to use them?

Kim L.

If I buy this as a gift for a friend, but they purchased one for themselves, will they still be able to use the one I bought them as a gift?

i purchased 2 by mistake will 1 of them not work and will my money be returned if so?

Lee J.

Kim, each person can use 1 Grouppn per individual and give additional groupons as gifts to others.

Sam- you can go under your name (top right corner when you log in) and “my groupons” and edit your purchase quantity at any time before the deal ends. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have trouble at support@Groupon.com

This is a great deal! You’re getting five movie rentals for the cost of only 40 cents each; where else can you get a deal like this!

I’ve used the Blockbuster Express by my house a couple times and they seem to be popping up everywhere, so they’re really convenient.


The actual groupon universal fine print says “Must use in one visit”.

Since that is not the case here, it would help if you included in the regular fine print that they can be used 1 at a time like I intend to.

I may have passed on a similar deal with a competitior in the past because that was not clear.

Lee J.

Hey RJ
Sorry for the confusion- You do not have to redeem all 5 rentals in one “visit” for this deal- feel free to rent each on separate occasions throughout the redemption period.

Thanks for clarifying.
Lee with Groupon

Lisa S.

Can you use more than one code at once to get multiple movies, or do you have to do it in separate transactions? I had to do that once because it only allowed one promo code at a time.

Colleen R.

@ Lisa, you’ll need to do it in five separate transactions or visits to the kiosk. Only one promo code may be used per transaction.

Colleen R.
Blockbsuter Express

Jason B.

I’m already a By Mail customer, but may do this just to try out the kiosks and will probably do a couple for friends. I love the By Mail because it’s so convenient, especially since you can exchange the movies at a store and you also get games and Blu Ray for no additional charge. They’re always doing free trials. I got a month free and was hooked. One question…. Can you exchange kiosk rentals in the store?

cathy m.


I don’t have a printer. Do I need a printer to print these out or can I just write down the codes? Will the codes be sent to my email?

thanks for any help that you can give.

It was very confusing! I used my phone to look at the code and typed all five in not knowing I was only supposed to use the first sequence only! I put it 4 times, felt silly it didn’t work and just paid for my movie! super annoying! Was it necessary to put them all in one line separated by dashes? FAIL!

@Cathy – No, you do not have to print them; just write them down or send them to your phone.

@Gwen – I had no problem using mine, but it was a little confusing at first when I saw them all together like that.

barbara c.

I purchased the Blockbuster deal and didn’t receive my voucher number nor a code to check out the videos. Please send the code to me asap for i was going to use it tonight.

Laurey V.

I used one of these and they charged my account anyway. I tried to reserve another one at a different location and that machine was broken. So far, I’m not thrilled. How can I get the $1.09 charge removed?

Deb S.

I bought this deal in Feb and don’t recall getting any Groupon codes in my E-mail. I had forgotten about it until I was charged for it on my credit card. What should I do now?

Jerome S.

I was able to use more than one coupon for online rental…just had to check out twice. Next time machine broke…asked for refund…no response. Asked again, got coupon replaced with one good for 10 days…the one I used was good until May 2013. Let them know that this was not cool and asked them to make it right…no response. Sent another request for them to make it right….no response. I have a box close and would have been a good customer….but feel ripped off because of customer service. Will go back to netflix….better luck next time blockbusterexpress….customer service severely lacking.

Vikki W.

We finally got around to using this Groupon and first 2 codes would not work. 3rd one did. Can you help with this?

Cheryl N.

I have one promo that does not work – either online or at the kiosk. How do I get my money back??

I tried to use my promotional code(s) and it says none of them are good. What’s the deal?

Elizabeth S.

Help! I printed this out and somehow misplaced the page. I can’t seem to find a way to print it again, or look at the page to get the codes off the one I bought.

Regina C.

I had bought two of the deal and tried to use the codes a couple of weeks later.After a complete run around with blockbuster I got 5 codes for the ten that I paid for, none of the ten worked, and one week to use them in. This is a big rip off and I will never buy from blockbuster again.

Robin W.

I still haven’t even got any codes

Peter Z.

i went to a kiosk today but tried 3 codes and the machine said they were invalid?

annie H.

none of the codes work.. any one know how to fix this

Patrick S.

Hi Everyone

Sorry for any trouble you may be experiencing! Please email support@groupon.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Patrick S.
Groupon Forum Moderator

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