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10-Minute Quick Makeup Looks

BY: Colleen Loggins Loster | Aug 29, 2018

Is it possible to get yourself together when you only have 10 minutes in the morning? Three Guide creatives took on our 10-minute quick makeup challenge to see how much of a face they could get done while the clock ticked down. Some were ... better than others.

Aimee: Works and Takes Care of a 5-year-Old

Aimee's Story:

  • Has a hard time getting more than 10 minutes to herself in the morning before her daughter needs something
  • Prefers to focus on her eye makeup when she has to do quick makeup
  • Blessed with great genetics, so able to go foundation-free
  • Has stick-straight eyelashes that need a curler

Colleen: Can't Stop Sleeping In

Colleen's Story:

  • Normally only has 10–15 minutes to do her makeup in the morning because she prefers to sleep as late as possible and needs at least 15 minutes for skincare
  • Often finishes her makeup on the train or at work (her purse contains far too many lipsticks)
  • Breaks out every so often and needs some foundation and concealer
  • Prefers to focus on concealer and lips when she has to do fast makeup

Michelle: Devotes 8 Minutes to Her Brows Alone


Michelle's Story:

  • Said she was nervous about this 10-minute makeup challenge because she normally spends about 8 minutes just filling in her fine, blonde brows
  • Deals with the rare breakout that might need a dab of concealer
  • Needs to use lash primer otherwise mascara will slip off
  • Believes that poppin' highligher is worth going overtime for



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