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10 Pairs of Sunglasses That Only Look Expensive

BY: Amelia Buzzell | Apr 14, 2014
10 Pairs of Sunglasses That Only Look ExpensiveIf you lost any of these shades, you might shed a tear—not because they cost a fortune, but ‘cause they’re so cute. Three things are true of all sunglasses: they shield your eyes from the sun, add panache to a summer outfit, and are invariably left in cabs or sat on at a baseball game. Because the lifespan of a pair is about as fleeting as a Chicago summer, dropping a lot of money on them rarely seems sensible. Luckily, the internet (including Goods) is stocked with scores of snazzy pairs—available with or without a prescription—that are inexpensive, yet stylish enough to mourn if they suffer any mishaps. Here are 10 styles (5 for men, 5 for women), most of which clock in at less than $100. 10-pairs-of-sunglasses-that-only-look-expensive_men_600c490 MEN 1. Park Place aviators in Aqua Crystal; Eyefly ($94–$144). Prescription lenses available. 2. Atticus in Perfect Amber; Tortoise & Blonde ($117). Prescription lenses available. 3. Flattop aviators in Grey; Urban Outfitters ($14) 4. The Madison Square in Teal/Black; Flud ($45.50) 5. Square Root polarized in Black; Eyebobs ($99). Prescription lenses available. 10-pairs-of-sunglasses-that-only-look-expensive_600c490 WOMEN 1. Shield My Sunshine in Rose; ModCloth ($14.99) 2. Route 66 in Nude; Eyefly ($94). Prescription lenses available. 3. A Muse in Black; Eyebobs ($89.50) 4. Blue Tortoise sunglasses; Anthropologie ($38) 5. Hepcat Shades in Beach Pebble; Madewell ($44.50 on sale)