A Grown-Up Scavenger Hunt for Exploring Garfield Park

BY: Nathalie Lagerfeld |Oct 18, 2022
A Grown-Up Scavenger Hunt for Exploring Garfield Parkbrief image description or keywords Although it’s best known for its plant-filled conservatory, Garfield Park has a lot more to offer in its 185 acres of green space. The oldest of Chicago’s big West Side parks, it’s littered with historical monuments to poets and presidents, as well as at least one large bronze relic of the World’s Fair. Follow this scavenger hunt to discover some of the park’s hidden treasures—and maybe a gourmet lunch dish or two. Inside the conservatory: 1. Offend the sensitive plant 2. Don an Alfonso Soriano jersey to pose with the cub’s paws plant 3. Instagram the baby waffle plant, sausage tree, and coffee plant and tag them #breakfast 4. Take a picture of someone taking a picture of the Dale Chihuly installation in the Aroid House 5. Hum the James Bond theme to the gold finger plant 6. Smell the french fry tree (no, really—smell it) in the Children’s Garden Outside the conservatory: 7. Practice your best lion pose beneath the bug-eyed carvings on the Fieldhouse 8. Snap an action shot of a Chicago Bike Polo game by the tennis courts 9. Sing “Auld Lang Syne” at the Robert Burns Memorial 10. Munch some popcorn next to the corn goddess in Bulls with Maidens 11. Cut a sandwich on the axe of Lincoln the Rail-Splitter Extra credit: 12. Walk down Lake Street to Inspiration Kitchens for a quinoa burger or catfish po' boy Snap photos of yourself completing these tasks and email them to We’ll publish our favorites in a special blog post! Illustration: © Nathalie Lagerfeld, Groupon