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Adventure Vacations to Spice up Your Travel Plans

BY: Sarah Gorr | Jun 1, 2017

Lounging on a beach, with toes in the sand and a paperback copy of the latest thriller just sounds so . . . boring. At least it can if you're already feeling in a rut from your nine-to-five. Instead of thinking of vacations solely as a way to relax, try thinking of them as a way to reinvigorate and inject some excitement into your summer plans. If you're ready to swing from a bungee cord instead of a hammock, then check out our list of six adventure vacations to see where you should go next.

Zipline Near a Volcano

Costa Rica only takes up 0.1% of the world's landmass, but in that tiny space visitors will find one of the most-biodiverse, geographically enthralling places on the planet. In the country's center, miles of ziplines run under the shadow of one of Central America's most-active volcanoes: Arenal. As you fly through the jungle canopy, you'll get the chance to listen to the howl of monkeys and the call of birds, maybe even spotting a few along the way.

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Hike the Sierra Nevadas

Yosemite isn't just one of the country's finest national parks, it's a designated World Heritage Site, and with good reason. The areas peaks and valleys are so stunning, more than five million people a year visit it annually. Hiking there runs the gamut from breezy day hikes to the mother of them all, the tough trek up Half Dome.

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Dive a Caribbean Shipwreck

Don't let the Caribbean's reputation as a relaxation hotspot fool you; there's plenty of places in the Caribbean with snorkeling adventures (and more!) to be had. We recommend Grenada's accessible mountain and ocean scenery for an off-the-beaten-path Caribbean family vacation. Don your scuba gear and explore what's been called one of the best diveable wrecks in the world: the MV Bianca C just off the coast. While you're there, keep your eyes peeled for the sea turtles that now make the wreck their home.

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Trek Atop Massive Icelandic Glaciers

Travel to Iceland has surged in recent years, with more than a million visitors now making the trip annually (that's three times the country's entire population). Visit Vatnajökull National Park to see the stunning waterfalls and glaciers for yourself. You can get up close and personal with some of the world's most-stunning natural features on a tour that lets you trek atop the glaciers. Just don't try it on your own; without the right gear and guidance, it can be dangerous.

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Horseback Ride in the Wild West

What better place to make all your cowboy dreams come true than the wild west of Colorado? Wide grassy plains where the buffalo still roam make for a gorgeously rustic backdrop for horseback riding. The relatively even terrain makes it a welcoming place to go for beginners. For an even more authentic feel, make sure you can wrap up your outing with a cookout or bonfire under the stars.

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Throttle ATVs Through the Desert

Arizona's rep as a spa haven is rightly deserved, but it's still a land of wild, red rock formations and wide, dusty deserts making it a must for those seeking adventure vacations. One of the best ways to see it for yourself is to get out on a desert adventure ATV tour where you can leave the roads behind and truly feel like you're in another world. Once you're back from a day on the road (or should we say off-road?), you can hit up one of Sedona's famous spas.

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