After the Cronut: 12 Ideas for New Donut Hybrids that are Totally Awesome, We Promise


After the Cronut: 12 Ideas for New Donut Hybrids that are Totally Awesome, We PromiseLike the unemployed cousin that won’t leave your couch, donut-hybrid pastries are here to stay. Dominique Ansel’s fabled cronut—a cross between a donut and a croissant—has already spawned some imitators, such as the doissant baked at Chocolate Crust in DC. But what other things could you combine with a donut to create pastries so hyped they could sell for $20 each on Craigslist? We at Groupon came up with some ideas. (Professional bakers: feel free to steal any of these.)

* Doe-nuts: donuts made from venison

* Bro-nuts: donuts soaked in Bud Light

* For the wine drinker: Bordeaux-nuts

* Grow-nuts: donuts laced with Human Growth Hormone

* Foe-nuts: donuts you've poisoned and given to an enemy—unless that enemy is a monarch, and then they’re overthrow-nuts

* Thoreau-nuts: donuts you made yourself from ingredients you found in the woods

* Van-Gogh-nuts: donuts dunked in absinthe

* Go-mo-ho-co-fro-yo-nuts: donuts topped with your godmother's homemade cocoa frozen yogurt

* Po-Po-nuts: just regular donuts that are currently being enjoyed by an off-duty police officer who earned them

* John-Doe-nuts: ?

* Quid-pro-quo-nuts: donuts exchanged for the mining rights to the Great Smoky Mountains

* Flow-nuts: not sure, but a sweet name for a rap duo

Sean O’Toole contributed donut jokes to this article.

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