An Illustrated History of Beauty

Nov 3, 2022
An Illustrated History of BeautyModern beauty rituals go way back—as far back as ancient Egypt, where people used powdered lead to define their eyes (and, you know, ward off curses). The illustrated timelines below share the backstory behind today's beauty trends.
history of beauty wedding 150c150
Something Old, Something New, Something to Mask Your Body Odor | The History of Weddings Why do we celebrate the way we do? Because people feared evil spirits, kidnappers liked to crash weddings, and brides smelled bad.
history of beauty cosmetics 150c150
Makeup Has Come a Long Way Since Black Tooth Dye Was a Thing | The History of Cosmetics The 100,000-year history of cosmetics proves there’s nothing more timeless than smearing stuff on your face to look pretty.
history of beauty body mod 150c150
People with Tattoos Are Just Copying Ötzi the Iceman | The History of Body Modification A look at the history of body modification, from flattening babies’ heads with boards to dilating your pupils with poison that makes you go blind.
history of beauty hair 150c150
Hairstyling Woes? At Least You Don't Have to Wear a Fake Beard | The History of Hair We illustrate some of the strangest (and largest) hair trends throughout history and wonder—will live birds ever make a comeback?