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10 Anniversary Gift Ideas to Wow Your Partner

BY: SARAH GORR | 8.16.2017 |

Whether you've been together for a few months or a few decades, coming up with solid anniversary gift ideas can be tough. There's added pressure on anniversary gifts to feel more romantic than a birthday gift or Christmas gift, so just picking up your partner's favorite movie on Blu-ray won't cut it. Anniversary gift ideas require a little more creativity! That's why we've put together this list of anniversary gifts that's focused on things you can share, whether it's making memories or making coffee.

1. Rainfall shower head

Get this Razor Slimline 3-way rainfall showerhead for $34.99.

Plumbing accoutrement doesn't scream romance, but upgrading your showerhead can give your home that spa feel everyday turning part of your SO's daily routine into a soothing treat.

2. Cold brew coffee maker

Get this Primula cold brew coffee maker set from $22.99+.

One of the most cherished rituals a couple can have is sharing that first cup of coffee in the morning. Get that café-quality cold brew at home with this handy set.

3. Custom photobook

Get this 50-page hardcover photobook from $7.99+.

It's never been easier to be incredibly thoughtful thanks to the popularity of custom photobooks. Simple to make, they're perfect as an anniversary gift whether housing wedding pics, travel photos, or just your favorite iPhone snapshots.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera

Get this Instax Mini 9 bundle with film and charger from $89.95+.

Even quicker than a photobook, Instax Minis are a fun throwback to old Polaroid cameras as well as a great way to capture special memories in the moment.

5. Personalized glassware

Get a set of two personalized mason jar glasses for $9.99.

A fun and quirky gift that becomes even more special when customized with your pet names for each other or a favorite inside joke.

6. Hot air balloon ride

Click the link above to search for hot air balloon deals near you.

More than just romantic, a hot air balloon ride is totally unexpected. You'll get the thrill of soaring through the sky while enjoying one-of-a-kind views together. Maybe see if you can bring a little bubbly along for the ride for some extra romance.

7. Cooking classes

Click the link above to search for a cooking class near you.

Whether you're working your macarons or practicing your pasta skills, a cooking class allows you to learn new techniques together and get a fantastic meal out of it.

8. Brewery tour for two

Click the link above to search for a brewery tour near you.

With the rise of craft brewing across the nation, there's a good chance there are a few local breweries near you. By going together you can explore your local beer scene and enjoy a sample or two making for a perfect date.

9. Museum membership

Click the link above to search for museum memberships available near you.

Better than a simple visits, museum memberships make a great excuse for a regular date night to something outside the typical dinner and a movie.

10. Getaway for the weekend

Click the link above to search for a romantic getaway.

If you're still wondering what to get for an anniversary present, then perhaps you should consider simply escaping for the weekend. You'll get quality time together while making new memories to last a lifetime. You can also check out our guide to romantic trips to help get inspired.

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BY: Sarah Gorr Guide Staff Writer