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Austin Street Art Spots

BY: Kristy Owen | Feb 17, 2014
Austin Street Art Spots

Baylor Street Art Wall: (pictured above) Often called “graffiti park,” “art wall,” “castle hill,” or “the Foundation,” this is the mecca of graffiti spots in Austin. This property was once slated to be condos, and the foundation was poured but things never moved forward from there. Eventually, local artists used the blank concrete foundation as their canvas. Now it is constantly changing, and you're sure to find new works and old favorites covered up from visit to visit. Street art lovers will easily be able to spend hours exploring the plethora of works. Location: 11th & Baylor Street

You’re My Butter Half Mural:


Can we get a collective “awwwww?” This is hands down one of my favorite street art pieces in the city. You’ll see all types of people posing here, from couples, to people like me who pose with their pets. Either way, the colors and the message can't help but warm your heart. Location: United Way for Greater Austin Building -
MLK and Alamo

Smile Even If You Don’t Want To:


You can’t help but smile when you see this mural. Your smile will be even bigger if you treat yourself to a cupcake while admiring this piece. Location: Hey Cupcake –1511 South Congress

Welcome To Austin Postcard:


This mural was originally completed in 1998 but was recently restored. It’s a South Austin staple, and has served as the backdrop to countless family photos, wedding announcements, print ads and more. Austinites, it’s worth the visit and taking a cheesy photo alongside of it. Location: South First Street & Annie

I Love You So Much:


This is another mural that has become a staple of Austin. You’ll find the famed "I love so much" on shirts, coasters, and in plenty of Austin related art. Tourists and locals always get a kick out of posing in front of the green wall with one of life’s simplest messages in the background. Location: Jo’s Coffee 1300 South Congress

Hi, How Are You?:


Most people love it because it's weird and very ‘Austin.’ But here’s a little background info: This piece was commissioned in 1993 and painted on the then Sound Exchange record store. The image is actually the album cover of one of artist Daniel Johnston’s albums. At the time, the image gained national attention as Kurt Cobain was often spotted wearing a t-shirt with a “Hi, How Are You?” image on the front. Location: 21st & Guadalupe Street

Lamar Street Bridge:


This location serves as a billboard for Austin street art as it changes almost weekly featuring specific holiday related images to Lance Armstrong or Mathew McConaughey. Every time I head downtown on South Lamar, I catch my eyes wandering over to the wall to check out the latest attributions. Location: Northbound on Lamar before you get to 5th Street

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