The Truth About Baby Foot Peels From Someone That's Tried Them

BY: Groupon Editors |Sep 20, 2022

Let's face it: Feet can get gross. For one, they're shoved into shoes all day, every day. And the constant pressure from walking makes them dry, calloused, scaly, and other words you try not to think about. Sure, a pedicure can help, but who has the time (or money) to get one every week? Everyone has tried at-home products that promise silky smooth feet only to be disappointed. Luckily, we found a solution. Our beauty expert tried something that actually delivers the results you want and need. And while Baby Foot Peels can be kinda gross, they totally work.

What are Baby Foot Peels?

Baby Foot is a mask infused with fruit acids that makes dead skin literally peel off your feet, like a snake. The package comes with plastic booties coated with a gel that contains 17 natural extracts and fruit acids that will help slough off those dead skin cells. You'll see it happen with your own eyes, which is slightly gross, but oddly satisfying.

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Baby Foot Instructions

The foot mask is a bit of a process, but it pays off. They recommend first prepping your feet by soaking them in a hot bath for about 10-15 minutes. Then, cut open the booties, slip them on, and use the tape to tighten and enclose them around your ankles. Next, prop your feet up, and fire up Netflix to fill the hour-long application time.

Pro tip: Consider using the bathroom before you put them on. You don't want to have to get up and risk slipping and falling.

Baby Foot Peel Results

Next comes the waiting game. The instructions say your feet will start to peel in anywhere between five to seven days, but our beauty editor Favin saw results just the next morning. "When I woke up, my feet were shedding like crazy and covered in pockets of dead skin," she told us. But the instructions very explicitly say not to pick the skin off and let the peeling happen naturally while the fruit enzymes do their work.

Favin reported that after five days, the shedding miraculously continued. "The exfoliated areas, though strangely sensitive, are pink, beautiful, and really soft—seriously, like a baby's feet," she said. How's that for product name validation?

Favin's Baby Foot Tips

Though Favin admits she didn't follow the directions perfectly, it still yielded the desired results. However, she does a couple of final tips:

  1. Avoid irritation. The product has been deemed "exfoliation on steroids," so don't use if you have any cuts or open wounds on your feet. The same goes for people with sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis.

  2. Soak but don't moisturize. The softening effects of water can speed things up, but the oils in lotions can counteract the fruit acids.

  3. Wear socks, like all the time. Socks will warm your feet, which in turn boosts circulation and expedites the peeling process. They will also keep you from picking and spare the general public the sight of all the grossness.

  4. Be patient. Not only does it take a few days for the peeling to start, but if your feet are very calloused and dry you may have to do the process more than once. However, Baby Foot recommends you wait a month between attempts.

This article was originally published in a slightly different format and has since been modified by our editors.